Surveying the Upper Reach of the Russian River

Aug 24, 2016

Pumps that draw water directly from the Russian River are a frequent sight along some stretches of the waterway.
Credit Russian Riverkeeper

  The Russian River is the primary water way in the North Bay, but for most of its length, it flows quietly out of sight. This week, a group of river stakeholders, organized by LandPaths and Supervisor James Gore, are beginning a firsthand exploration of the waterway by kayak. Russian Riverkeeper Don McEnhill is leading the group, and checked in with KRCB to tell us about what they saw today.

These large, jagged metalworks, nicknamed "jacks," were installed to stabilize the river's shorelines below Lake Mendocino's Coyote Dam. They did not prove effective, and subsequent erosion has moved them into the channel, where they are now a partially submerged hazard to anyone on or in the water.
Credit Russian Riverkeeper

  The outing, which continues through Saturday, is part of a larger event called “Confluence, Celebrating the Russian River Watershed.” A second three-day expedition next month will traverse the river’s middle reach, from Cloverdale to Forestville, with a third trip in October covering the rest of the way from Forestville to the Pacific. More information about the entire series of activities can be found online here.