Syd Gets Soft And Sensual, Just In Time For The Solar Eclipse

Aug 21, 2017

Syd has developed quite a voice for seduction. Between her solo work and group efforts helming The Internet, her burgeoning discography of softly-sung R&B hook-up anthems could turn any amateur PUA into a pro.

Following the February release her debut solo LP Fin, she's returned with a sensual overdose just in time for the solar eclipse. The two-part "Bad Dream/No Looking Back" finds her teasing her lover — "you ain't gotta lie / I know you're nasty" — before switching gears to remind the object of her affections not to "get too attached."

The single is part of a forthcoming soundtrack for a feature film titled Always Never Home, according to Syd, who tweeted a SoundCloud link to the song today. But if you use it to score your own activities during this once-a-century darkening of the sun, she probably won't mind.

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