Thankful to Escape the Flames with Family, but Stressed at the Holidays

Nov 22, 2017

Fire in Redwood Valley.
Credit Bob Dass, Flickr

Today the Espinoza family plans to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner in the one bedroom apartment they’ve been sharing since the North Bay fires. Between the parents and kids, the family lost two homes as flames rushed through Redwood Valley in Mendocino.

Like them, many families are living in tight quarters this holiday season – some in hotel rooms, others in the first FEMA trailers, still others staying with friends and relatives.

The Espinozas are grateful to have a place to stay at all. But six weeks after the wildfires, the uncertainty is working on some nerves.

As part of our ongoing partnership on fire coverage, KQED’s April Dembosky has the story. Hear the original version of her story here.