A Time Capsule from the 1960s

Jan 17, 2017

The Grateful Dead performed poolside at the Burdell Mansion in June, 1966

Surrounded by thousands of years of native history, the burned out ruins of a 196os commune in northern Marin County have yielded an unexpected glimpse into the details of “hippie” life  from that era.

Fire-damaged records such as this were not the only revealing relics to be found at Olompaili State Park.
Credit Breck Parkman

While the extensive and varied collection of damaged vinyl records was perhaps the most interesting thing he found in the wreckage of the Burdell Mansion, State Parks archeologist Breck Parkman says there were some other things that were more surprising.

Archeologist Breck Parkman will present more of his discoveries at the Sonoma County History Museum Thursday night, Jan 19 at 5 pm, in a program called Digging Olompali: The Archaeology of the Recent Past.  The presentation is part of the Museum's current exhibit, The Beat Goes On: Peace, Love and Rock & Roll in the North Bay, which continues through April 2. The exhibit itself was the focus of this earlier North Bay Report.