Tracking Traffic in the Sonoma Valley Wildlife Corridor

Jul 31, 2015

A Sonoma Land Trust camera captured this mountain lion moving through a hillside forest by night.
Credit Sonoma Land Trust

The mountains that frame the Sonoma Valley are full of wildlife, from field mice to deer and coyotes. But how do they get from one side to the other? A newly released study offers some answers.   

You can read or download the full report here.

Protecting the viability of the extended wildlife corridor from west Marin north into Lake County is critical to the long-term health of the entire ecosystem and its inhabitants, explains Tony Nelson, a Stewardship Project Manager for the Sonoma Land Trust.

  Because bridges and culverts are narrow chokepoints in the wider wildlife corridor, there have been concerns that predators could lie in wait outside them and feed on smaller species passing through. But Tanya Diamond, co-founder and principal of Pathways for Wildlife, says that doesn’t seem to happen.

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