Trump Promises DACA Answer Sept. 5 as Nearly 800,000 Await Word

Sep 1, 2017

DACA infographic
Credit Immigration Law Group

Over the past few days, leaders in business and tech, and even Speaker Paul Ryan urged President Trump to keep or modify the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program, which allows young people who were brought to this country as minors to be granted two-year work permits and removes the threat of deportation. The theory was that youngsters brought to the country had no responsibility for their undocumented status, and shouldn't be punished. 

The president has sent mixed signals about whether he'd be open to continuing the program, and has promised an answer on Sept. 5. 

Meet some DREAMers, as the young people are called, on the My American Dreams project page, and stay tuned in coming weeks for interviews with local DACA participants about what they've accomplished while taking part in the program, and what's to come for them.