‘Upcycling’ surplus tomatoes

Nov 26, 2014

A fresh and spicy Blood Mary mix is one of the new products that Laci Sandoval is making from tomatoes that would otherwise have gone to waste.
Credit Kate Webber Photography (http://katewebber.com/)

  Better than just recycling, “upcycling” uses waste materials to create new products with increased value. Laci Sandoval is doing exactly that with surplus tomatoes.

Laci Sandoval says the success of her pilot partnership with County Line Harvest is not a business she intends to pursue for herself, but a demonstration model for other, smaller farmers in the area.


Laci Sandoval
Credit Kate Webber Photography (http://katewebber.com/)

  For Megan Strom, at County Line Harvest, the tomato products are already inspiring thoughts of other new uses for other crops.


Having wrapped up their Kickstarter campaign a little over goal, Sandoval and her husband envision the new commercial kitchen at their Wind and Rye fFarm as a hub for a variety of ag-related activities—including her own ongoing sideline as a pastry chef specializing in custom wedding cakes.