Volunteer Opportunities Still Available - 10/11/17

Oct 11, 2017

From the Santa Rosa Public Information Officer Desk:  


Due to the outpouring of donations and volunteer assistance during this time of need, Finley Community Center can no longer accept donations. Additionally, Red Cross will no longer be at the Rohnert Park DoubleTree accepting volunteers.


Volunteer Opportunities are still available:


Sign up with Red Cross here: http://tinyurl.com/RedCrossVolOctober2017 


Contact the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County at info@volunteernow.org or call: 707-573-3399


Thank you all for your kindness during this time of need!


The United Way *is* taking goods donations at 975 Corporate Center Parkway suite 160, Santa Rosa. No perishable items

Funds for victims of the #TubbsFire can be donated at: