Wanted: Home Grown Stories

Nov 29, 2013

The McChesney family, reunited.
Credit Beverley Dorsey McChesney, Santa Rosa.

Were you born and raised Sonoma County? A new book project, called Sonoma County Baby, wants your story. The book will gather stories of people locally born and raised, partly as a celebration of region’s history, partly as a celebration of a new hospital opening soon in Santa Rosa. 

The project is organized by Sutter Health, which operates what was once the Sonoma County Hospital. After opening its doors in 1866, thousands of local residents have been born here. As they prepare to enter a new facility in north Santa Rosa, the hospital is looking to carry some of that legacy with them.

All who register with the project receive a blue or pink plastic bracelet, the project newsletter and the opportunity to tell their story, with the chance of making it into the print book.

Santa Rosa, 1934 (Mendocino Ave. viewed from 5th St.).
Credit Lee and Marjorie Torliatt, Santa Rosa.