On the Watch for Water Waste

Oct 19, 2014

During the warm months most water is used on outside plants, of that almost half is wasted, says water resource specialist Randy Barron of the City of Santa Rosa.
Credit City of Huntington Beach

When it comes to saving water, every drop counts. On today's North Bay Report, KRCB rides along with staff from the City of Santa Rosa, on the watch for water violations.

The Santa Rosa City adopted mandatory water restrictions on August 5, 2014 to comply with California's drought emergency regulations. Their goal is to reduce water usage by 20 percent compared to 2013. The restrictions and prohibitions on water-use include: 

  • Requiring outdoor irrigation to occur between 8pm and 6am.
  • Prohibiting washing down of hardscapes (unless required for public health and safety).
  • Prohibiting the use of potable water for street washing.
  • Requiring the use of hose-end shut-off nozzles on all garden and utility hoses.
  • Requiring “Water-on-request” programs at restaurants. 

 For more information on the water shortage program, visit the City of Santa Rosa's website.