This week on Something Completely Different: "Something Completely Five-Stringed (or 12)"

Jan 30, 2017

Date & Time: Jan. 31, 7-9PM  
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Something Completely Different host Roland Jacopetti
  So...It was interesting to search around the Internet, looking for those many, many list of ten greatest, twenty-five greatest, fifty best, one hundred best guitarist of this year/last year/all time and so forth. What I was constructing was my own list of the thirty best, because thirty cuts are about as many as you can play on the air in two hours. Also, I was limited to those who conformed to my own taste and those that I actually had CDs of. That's why Jimi Hendrix ain't on my list; I'm just not into the guy. So I found myself with a list that included Robert Johnson (always near the top, Eric Clapton (second, third or fourth), John Fahey (not everyone who loves the guitar loves Fahey), Ali Farka Toure (yes, he does play the guitar), Bonnie Raitt (one of the few women on these lists), Tom Morello (near the top on some, conspicuously absent on others), Wes Montgomery (surprisingly few jazz guitarists on the lists), Joe Pass (he's usually there, though often near the bottom.) And one who absolutely belongs on any list of greats, though is almost never found. She should be at or near the top, too, and I placed her Number 7. The incredible Nina Gerber - - let's hear it for Nina! 

Now the list is complete and ready to play. But...will I get all the way to the end? Who knows? Enjoy the twanging.