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Jun 26, 2017

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Phoenix - featured Monday 6/26 on World Cafe. Hear World Cafe Monday through Friday at 2:00 pm on KRCB-FM Radio 91!
World Cafe features Ani DiFranco - Tuesday 6/27 at 2 pm on KRCB-FM Radio 91!
Hear from Kevin Morby, Wednesday June 28th @ 2 pm in World Cafe on KRCB-FM Radio 91!
Daddy Issues - a trio from Nashville - will be featured on Thursday's edition of World Cafe at 2pm on KRCB-FM Radio 91!
Hear Dispatch play live and talk with David Dye about making new music - Friday 6/30 at 2pm on KRCB-FM Radio 91!

Monday, June 26, 2017  
Phoenix holed up in an old Paris opera house in 2014 to begin recording their new album Ti Amo. The French band turned their feelings of unrest about the tumultuous times around them into music that serves as an escape. Ti Amo explores “love, desire, lust and innocence” with the a romanticized flair of summer discos in Italy.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017  
Folkie heroine Ani DiFranco continues her rich history of social activism on her new album, Binary. A proud feminist, DiFranco uses songs like “Play God” to advocate pro-choice. Binary was released via DiFranco’s own label, Righteous Babe Records.  

Wednesday, June 28, 2017  
On his new album City Music, Kevin Morby, taps into his love of Lou Reed and Patti Smith to craft characters and songs that evoke New York City. Morby was also inspired by a 2015 New York Times article called "The Lonely Death of George Bell" to write about the solitude of living in a big metropolis.  

Thursday, June 29, 2017  
Daddy Issues just released their first full length album, Deep Dreams. The Nashville based trio challenges the cliches of both rock music and feminism, and isn't afraid to take on even taboo subjects with directness and grace.  They perform and chat with Nashville correspondent Ann Powers on the next World Cafe.  

Friday, June 30, 2017  
Live show kings Dispatch had a decade long hiatus in the Aughts, and returned with a long awaited new disc in 2012. Now, the much beloved band is gracing the summer season with their first album in five years, America, Location 12.  Hear them play live and talk about making new music with David Dye on the next World Cafe.  

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