When the Inside Air is a Health Hazard

Aug 26, 2015

Alex Stadtner examines the wall outside Oscar Sanchez's bedroom, where a gap in the stucco allows water to get inside, fostering the growth of black mold.
Credit Bruce Robinson, KRCB

 What can be done when the air inside a child’s home is a hazard to his health? A team of inspectors and builders visited one such home recently, in search of answers—and found some.  KRCB’s Bruce Robinson reports.

This partially crushed downspout that is also not connected to the drain below stands outside the corner of Oscar Sanchez's bedroom. It is believed to be a contributing factor in his asthma.
Credit Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  The indoor air quality inspections of the Redwood Gospel Mission properties in Santa Rosa (see the North Bay Report for August 26) , and the Sanchez family’s home, were a joint donation by the Green Building Council and Healthy Building Science of San Francisco. The local chapter of the GBC will hold a special workshop on indoor air quality issues on Oct. 3.