Why the Ballot is So Long This Fall

Sep 20, 2016

Although no one will see them all, voters across Sonoma County are being asked to decide 23 separate ballot measures this fall. That’s in addition to the 17 initiatives everyone will see from the state. To find out why so many, KRCB News turned to Sonoma State Political Science professor and ballot measure analyst David McCuan for insights.

David McCuan

In addition to the centralized budgeting that resulted from the passage of Proposition 13 in 1978, Professor McCuan observes that it has also led to some significant changes in the make-up of the state legislature—and their actions.

The first attempt to pass a quarter-cent sales tax to fund Sonoma County Libraries won more than 60% of the vote. Yet it missed the 2/3rds total needed for passage by about 4000 votes. Efforts to ease this requirement are gaining momentum in Sacramento, reports McCuan, but have so far fallen afoul of internal politics.