Wyoming's Michael Batdorf on Art of the Song, Thursday at 11 pm

Jan 4, 2016

Our guest this week on Art of the Song is Wyoming singer/songwriter Michael Batdorf. Michael received his first guitar at age 12 and started immediately writing his own songs. After a few years, he began recording his creations in his own little studio, which had a huge impact on his craft by allowing him to explore the depths of a song beyond just a guitar and a voice. Michael studied music recording and music business at Middle Tennessee State University. After leaving the Nashville area, he settled into the Tetons of western Wyoming and has committed to his songwriting craft. Attaching himself to the stories of the people and the land around him, he has found a voice that is uniquely his own. We spoke with Michael in our Albuquerque Studios. In the second half of the show we'll hear from Lisa Joyce with an essay on "Finding your Creative Source" for the Creativity Corner.