Audubon Canyon Ranch

Human Coexistence with Mountain Lions

Aug 4, 2017
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

Mountain lions are apex predators, quietly roaming huge areas of Sonoma County. Do they pose any risk to the ever growing human population here?

Learning About The Mountain Lions Among Us

Aug 4, 2017
Audubon Canyon Ranch

In the wilder, open uplands of the North Bay, mountain lions remain a steady, if elusive presence. But just how many are out there? A current study of the big cats is trying to find that out, and learn much more about them.

Controlled Burn Tests Eco-Benefits of Fire

May 30, 2017
Bruce Robinson / KRCB-FM

That plume of smoke rising from the Bouverie Preserve near Glen Ellen late Tuesday morning was a carefully watched experiment in applying a land management technique that goes back thousands of years.

The fire took about three hours to burn across the designated 17 acre area. That was ample time for any affected wildlife to leave the area or take cover underground, says ACR Fire Ecologist Sasha Berleman, while deer, when they return, will find a more hospitable landscape.