Sonoma's Measure B

Nov 15, 2013

Just when you thought the election season was over for the year, voters in Sonoma are deciding a special referendum tomorrow on the fate of future hotels in their town.

  Sonoma County has a lot of miles of roads to maintain, and a big backlog of places where potholes are plentiful. Which ones are the worst?  Bruce Robinson gets an answer from Craig Harrison, co-founder of Save Our Sonoma Roads, on the Exchange today.

  Childcare is a bedrock necessity for most households with young children, but it’s also something that is getting more and more expensive. KRCB’s Bruce Robinson talked about the impact and the implications of that rising cost with Amy Reisch, Executive Director of First Five, Marin.

A campaign to exclude commercial properties from the property tax protection of Prop 13 is getting underway, with one local school signing on early.

When the West Sonoma County Union High School District’s Board of Directors took up the issue last month, it passed, 4-0, with minimal discussion. Superintendent Keller McDonalds says that’s because it had been talked about extensively well before their Sept. 11 meeting.


   Two years after opening with a core group of 50 students Credo High has now just reached 100 students, significantly below their projections. That has left the Waldorf-styled charter school struggling to remain open, after surviving cash flow problems so severe they weren’t able to meet payroll six times last year. But there’s still hope, as Bruce Robinson reports.

  Having narrowly survived Santa Rosa’s budget axe, the city’s media center is charting a new course as an entrepreneurial and financially independent non-profit.

  More information about the programs, classes, and production facilities offered at the new CMedia Labs can be found on their website, which also features the introductory video embedded below.

Katie Orr / Capitol Public Radio

The plan involves transferring inmates to other facilities both inside and outside the state.

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These are hard times for book lovers. Both the Sonoma County Book Festival and the county’s Public Libraries need additional funding, and are calling for public support to meet those needs.

Greenberg’s mission is to make funding the libraries a higher priority for the county, and he questions whether some other spending choices have been carefully weighed. Such as the local war on drugs, for instance.


Business is Booming for CA Baby Boomers

Mar 28, 2013

Proposed cuts to federal "entitlement" programs would likely ripple through California's business economy, in ways that most analyses have not examined. Lori Abbott outlines a recent study that focuses on those impacts.

  The devil is in the details when it comes to calculating benefits for veterans and other groups. So they are alarmed about a proposed change in the funding formulas they depend on. Lori Abbott takes a closer look.

You can see and use the AARP Chained CPI Calculator here.

Cherly Frei

It was a busy holiday weekend for California’s State Parks  And, as Lori Abbot reports, that’s good news for the state budget.


• Few CA businesses plan to hire in 2013.

• New bill would protect gun permit holders' private information.

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

• Brown melds a victory lap with Bible stories and California history as he urges lawmakers to advance his agenda.

• Both Democrat and Republican lawmakers praise Brown’s State of The State address.


• Lawmakers say more revenue from Proposition 30 should go toward freezing tuition at the state’s colleges and universities.

• In new CA legislature, moderate Democrats hold leverage.

Pauline Bartolone / Capital Public Radio Network

• Governor Brown says the state still faces uncertainty in costs from federal health care reform.

• Brown commits to Medi-Cal expansion, but questions remain about getting there.

Governor Brown is pleased that Proposition 30 passed, but cautions that it will not cure all the state’s budgetary woes. And he’s warning the leadership of the University of California to be more restrained in their top administrative salaries.