Burning Man

The Healing Power of Artful Temples

Aug 15, 2016
Brad Templeton

  Petaluma artist David Best began building temples almost by accident, first for Burning Man and now other places as well, as he seeks ways to expand their healing power into the world at large.

  In creating his temples, Sculptor David Best asserts that there is one quality he does not strive for.

Medusa’s Return to Burning Man

Aug 14, 2016
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  From the neck up, she is 26 feet tall, with a head-full of fire-breathing snakes. It’s the Burning Man version of Medusa, the attention-commanding creation of Petaluma artist Kevin Clark.

Behind the mask and beneath the flaming snakeheads, medusa also offers a communal space, explains the man who (with considerable help) made her.

'Taking My Parents to Burning Man'

Apr 14, 2014

  A surprise hit at the Sonoma Film Festival last summer was the documentary, Taking My Parents to Burning Man, which was so popular the Sebastiani Theater brought it back for a two-night encore over the weekend. Along the way, the young, first-time filmmaker behind it--who was here from Vancouver, British Columbia--found a few minutes to visit KRCB.