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Monitoring California’s Black Oystercatchers

Jun 25, 2016

  Black Oystercatchers are distinctive, but not numerous. So these hardy shorebirds are being monitored by naturalists and citizen scientists to see how they are affected by sea level rise and other environmental factors.

Sudden Oak Death Bio-Blitz in Napa

Jun 9, 2016

  On today’s North Bay Report, we follow a citizen science project hunting for trees infected with "Sudden Oak Death" -- a disease that has wiped out huge swaths of California oak trees in the past 20 years. Researchers say the drought knocked back the disease but they worry that our wet winter and spring could make infection rates rise. 

Tiffany Camhi

After this fall there will be no trace left of the historic West Marin town of Jewell. At least that’s what some local environmentalists are hoping for. KRCB’s Tiffany Camhi reports the plan is to restore the one mile long area along Lagunitas Creek to its natural habitat.


The California King Tide Project

Jan 19, 2015
Jeff Poskanzer

  The highest tides of the winter are rolling up on the Pacific Coast today, and the California King Tides Project is watching them with an eye toward the future.

There will be another, slightly lower series of King tides next month, on Feb. 17th  & 18th.  Information about uploading pictures to the California King Tides Project is posted on their website. There's a further explanation of the project in the video below.

Drought Slows Sudden Oak Death’s Spread

Dec 28, 2014

  The pathogen that causes Sudden Oak Death needs water to spread. So the drought has become an unexpected ally in the fight against the arboreal disease.

Find more information about Sudden Oak Death, including maps of its spread, here. The infographic below summarizes the basics of the disease.