The Illusion of Cyber-Security

Feb 9, 2017


It’s true:  Big Brother IS watching us. And listening, and reading our emails and more, while we are making it easier for our data to be captured and sold.

The ever-expanding corporate and governmental intrusion into private personal communications and activities should be of concern to everyone, contends cyber security analyst Bill Blunden. It’s not whether or not one has something to hide, but a matter of protecting vital Constitutional rights.

Decoding Malware at Sonoma State

Jul 10, 2014

  To combat computer viruses and other malware, computer science students learn to make their own as part of a rare and controversial class at Sonoma State. We get a peek inside in this archival North Bay Report from May 2007.

Students Gear Up for Robotics Challenge

May 2, 2014
Sonoma County Office of Education

  Students as young as fourth graders will be competing in the annual Sonoma County Robotics Challenge, which is being held in Santa Rosa tomorrow. The machines are built from Lego kits, but they’re designed to do some fairly sophisticated things. Here’s a preview.

The robotics competition is open to the public, held at Elsie Allen High school, starting at 8:45 Saturday morning. Pictures on this page are from last year's competition.

Watching the 'Heartbleed' Bug

Apr 14, 2014

  While most computer users have not experienced problems associated with the Heartbleed bug that was revealed last week, online security professionals remain watchful and wary.

The most reliable source for information about the Heartbleed bug can be found here. Wired Magazine has also published informed speculation that the NSA may have been involved in creating or exploiting the bug.