Staff reductions, failed computer systems, funding cuts and unpopular spending priorities have all contributed to some serious morale problems for the workers in Sonoma County’s Superior court system. They are also impeding negotiations for a new contract.

Court reporter Carlos Martinez, speaking on behalf of his co-workers, says they question the budgetary priorities of the court’s administration.

He points to a failed, costly computer service program as another misplaced priority.

Some Old Pot Convictions Reversed by Prop 64

Dec 15, 2016

Thanks to the passage of Proposition 64, it is now legal to grow, possess or transport small amounts of marijuana. But the measure also can roll back the convictions of people who were jailed for doing those things before November 9th,  a process that is now getting started.

Santa Rosa attorney Joe Rogoway has discovered that in some cases, old efforts to minimize the legal consequences of past marijuana law violations have now complicated the new process of getting those old convictions undone.

Cell Phone Court Case Clouded

Sep 30, 2016

Questions have arisen around one of the judges hearing a significant current California court case regarding cell phone safety. Suzanne Potter reports.

Court Issues Warning on Jury Duty Scam

Aug 31, 2016

  Sonoma County Superior Court has issued a warning of a recent telephone scam that uses a threat of missed jury duty to attempt to scare people into sending money to the caller.

According to the court’s warning, “the caller claims to be a representative of law enforcement and tells the victim that there is a warrant out for their arrest due to failure to appear for jury service. The caller indicates the only remedy to clear the warrant requires the victim to load the money into a credit card and submit it to the caller.”

A More Robust Homeless Court to Debut

Apr 8, 2016
Heidi Walters, North Coast Weekly Journal

  When a new Sonoma County court program for homeless individuals debuts on Thursday, it will incorporate new partnerships and increased supports for the defendants.

The way these cases are handled within the court system have changed very little since the previous attempts to have Homeless Court sessions locally, says Jose Guillen, Sonoma County’s Court Executive officer. What’s different now is the participation of additional support agencies outside of the courts.

Court Ruling Benefits Bees

Sep 11, 2015

  A California court ruling will soon take off the market a potent pesticide that is suspected of harming or killing thousands of honeybees. Suzanne Potter has details.

Ripple Effects from the Immigration Impasse

Jul 17, 2014

  Thousands of undocumented refugee children are overwhelming immigration facilities and processes along the southern US border, but their presence is also creating a nationwide ripple effect, one that is being felt even here in the North Bay.

Dutra Foes Seek Appeals Court Reversal

Mar 20, 2014

Plans for a new asphalt production facility alongside the Petaluma River on the south side of that city have been a hot button issue for more than five years now. After the Dutra plant was approved by county supervisors in late 2010, it was promptly challenged in court by the city of Petaluma and a group of local environmental groups. That case that was dismissed by the State Court of Appeal last week, but there’s still at least one more round of legal arguments being made, as we hear today.

All About Mediation Week

Mar 14, 2014

  You may have almost missed it: This has been Mediation Week in Courtrooms all across California. To find out what that’s all about, KRCB’s Bruce Robinson talked with the top administrator of Sonoma County’s Superior Court System.