Dirty Cello

Connections 3: a compilation of Northern California musicians  

  Brand new for 2017! 

Twenty tracks donated by some of our area's finest bands and singer-songwriters. Artists include: Kate Wolf, Banana, Buzzy Martin, Michael Capella Band, Cori Wood, Dirty Cello, Greenhouse, Greg Scherer, Hank Levine, HUGElarge, Jay Gottlieb, Joanne Rand, Jon Gonzales, Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally, The Pulsators, Tone Bent, Teresa Tudury, Timothy O'Neil....  

It's the final stretch of our February Fundraiser at Radio 91, and we're ending it on a bang with a bunch of great guests--including  Aoife O'Donovan and many of the local musical luminaries who contributed to the Sonoma County Covers Project, a 2-CD set of 27 local musicians performing songs written by other Sonoma County musicians.

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Rebecca Roudman and her group Dirty Cello can be described as one of the hardest working bands if their touring schedule -- past and present -- is any indication. What compells them? Who are they?

Hear the band's interview with David Sharp live on KRCB's Crossing Borders Sunday September 20th at 2:00 PM.