Scales of justice
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Restorative Resources has worked in Sonoma County for 18 years to suggest a better way to bring peace to a community in the face of wrongdoing. Maria Freebairn-Smith is the elementary schools training manager of the organization, and she dropped by the KRCB studios to talk with Steve Mencher about the difference between restorative justice and punitive justice.

Join Restorative Resources at its summer bash Friday, August 17 at the Arlene Francis Center in Santa Rosa.

Restorative Justice Comes to Santa Rosa Schools

Dec 15, 2014


   Santa Rosa City Schools are experimenting with restorative justice, as a disciplinary alternative to widespread suspensions. This first part of a two-day report looks at why the change was made, and how it is being introduced.

The new approach to discipline within the Santa Rosa City School District is being led by Restorative Resources of Santa Rosa. You can find out much more about it on their website