Tick Borne Diseases

Feb 9, 2016


  Rain means Tick season in Northern CA, which brings the risk of Lyme disease... and more. Researchers in Hopland have recently identified two new tick-borne diseases, bringing the total found there to eight. Reporter Valerie Kim has details.

West Nile Dangers Steady in Drought Summer

Aug 5, 2014

  Dry weather this summer doesn’t mean fewer mosquitoes, so the potential for cases of West Nile Virus in northern California is still a concern. But so far, that’s all it is -- though preventative measures are still important. Here’s more, from the Marin Sonoma Mosquito and Vector Control District.

Sudden Oak Death Continues to Spread

Mar 7, 2014

  Sudden Oak Death was first identified in Marin County just about 20 years ago. Today, scientists have a better understanding of how it works, but they don’t yet have an antidote, so the devastating botanical disease continues to spread.

Find out more about Sudden Oak Death  here.

Local ticks carry multiple diseases, study finds

Mar 2, 2014
courtesy Lia Gaertner/Bay Area Lyme Foundation

For many, checking for ticks after coming back from a hike is a ritual. Now there is an extra reason to be cautious, as Stanford researchers report finding local ticks are carrying a newly detected disease. 

Lia Gaertner, an advisory board member of the Bay Area Lyme Foundation, helped collect some of the ticks.