Creating Drama from Autobiography

Jan 6, 2014
Nancy Kelly

When one girl’s harsh autobiography becomes a collaborative theater project, the result is transformative for everyone involved. That process, which resulted in the creation of the play, Remember Me Like This, was documented by local filmmaker Nancy Kelly, who talks about it on today’s North Bay Report.

  Trust: Second Acts in Young Lives, will be shown on KRCB Television on Tuesday, Jan. 5  at 9 pm. See the trailer for the film below.

Documenting Eco-activists

Nov 19, 2013

What do a young Canadian tribal leader, an Australian inventor and the man dubbed India’s “water Gandhi” have in common?  All three are dedicated eco-activists, and are featured in the current documental titled, Elemental.

Choosing the name for a film is often a complicated process. In the case of Elemental, co-director Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee explains there were three interlocking meanings behind the title.


You can find our earlier interview with Jay Harman here.

Recalling the Siege of Khe Sanh

Oct 28, 2013

In early 1968, thousands of US troops were pinned down and bombarded for 11 weeks inside a base and airstrip in the far northwest corner of South Viet Nam. A new documentary offers first-hand accounts of that campaign from Marines who survived it.

  The location of the base at Khe Sanh, not far from the border with Laos, was isolated largely unprotected, recalls Ken Rodgers, with hurried air transports the only connection to the outside during the siege.


August to June

Sep 9, 2013

August to June, a documentary portrait of an open classroom grade school in west Marin, is both a showcase of contemporary alternative education, and an inspiration for public schools elsewhere.

August to June is being shown tonight on  KRCB Television, at 9 pm. You can see a trailer below:

'Sunshine Daydream' Sees the Light of Day

Jul 31, 2013

  It’s Grateful Dead night at the movies all across America on Aug. 1, as a 41 year old concert film produced by a Santa Rosa man finally makes it to the big screen.

There are North Bay screening sites in San Rafael, Mill Valley and Napa. None in Sonoma County. See a complete nationwide list here.

Project Censored Documentary

Apr 11, 2013
Hole in the Media Productions

Project Censored publishes a book each year, produces a weekly radio show, maintains an active website, has created several video projects, and is regularly featured in newspaper and magazine articles. Now it’s the subject of a documentary film as well. Bruce Robinson offers a preview.

Project Censored:  The Movie is being shown twice this week at the Sonoma International Film Festival, including a featured Friday evening screening at the Sebastiani Theater.

The Covers Story

Apr 9, 2013

A 12-inch square offers artists a flexible frame for all kinds of artistry, so it’s little wonder that many record album covers have become such memorable images. A new documentary examines the stories behind some of those covers, and KRCB’s Bruce Robinson talked with the film-maker.

The Cover Story is being shown twice this week at the Sonoma International Film Festival, at 10:30 am on Thursday, April 11 (at Murphy's Pub) and at 9 pm on Saturday, April 13 (at the Vintage House). 

The Making of 'Rebels With a Cause'

Mar 15, 2013
Kelly-Yamamoto films

The thousands of acres of open space and shoreline now protected and accessible to the public might not be there but for the efforts of a handful of visionary conservationists just few generations ago. A new documentary by a couple of North Bay film-makers  tells their story. Bruce Robinson has theirs.

See below for upcoming screening dates, and a map showing the footprint of the proposed Marincello development.

"Shift Change" documentary examines coops worldwide

Jan 28, 2013

  A new documentary examines worker-owned cooperative businesses, from a huge complex in Spain to small start-ups here in the Bay Area.