Discovering the New Laguna Discovery Trail

Apr 21, 2016
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  Just in time for Earth Day, a new public trail near Rohnert Park shows visitors how ecological restoration unfolds over time, as pasture and grasslands are gradually converted back to a stretch of riparian forest.

It may not be apparent to casual visitors, says Laguna Foundation Executive Director Munroe, but the replantings and other ecological restoration efforts along the new Discovery Trail represent hundreds of hours of work, in a project that will remain ongoing for several more years.

Invasive Speices, Past and Future

Sep 24, 2015

  From the emergence of animals to the development of agriculture, new species have regularly displaced their predecessors.  So it may be time to rethink the viability of restoring lost or disappearing ecosystems.

  The most impactful invasive species on the planet is said to be humankind. In North America, says permaculture designer Tao Orion, arriving Europeans overwhelmed a sustainable food crop that had previously provided for countless generations.  And, she says, if revived, it still could.

The Root Problem with Invasive Species

Sep 23, 2015

Efforts to root out invasive plants and restore native ecosystems are difficult and expensive. They are also doomed to fail, unless we understand why the new arrivals are thriving. 

Green Roof Tops New Amy's Drive-Thru

Jun 13, 2015
Kerrrie Lee Cole, Symbios

  A new fast food outlet in Rohnert Park is drawing attention for their vegetarian menu, but the organic aspects of the Amy’s Drive-Thru building itself are also unusual.

The iconic tank is the most visible aspect of water management at Amy's Drive Thru, but company Sustainability Manager Tim Griffin says it's part of a carefully developed larger plan.

Local ticks carry multiple diseases, study finds

Mar 2, 2014
courtesy Lia Gaertner/Bay Area Lyme Foundation

For many, checking for ticks after coming back from a hike is a ritual. Now there is an extra reason to be cautious, as Stanford researchers report finding local ticks are carrying a newly detected disease. 

Lia Gaertner, an advisory board member of the Bay Area Lyme Foundation, helped collect some of the ticks. 

Global Student Embassy Expands Activities, Participants

Feb 20, 2014

  Global Student Embassy began five years ago as a senior project at Sebastopol’s Analy High school, launched by brothers Lucas and Jasper Oshun. Since then, it has grown impressively, expanding around the bay area, and into three countries in Latin America. With an update on their recent activities, here’s News Director Bruce Robinson.

Documenting Eco-activists

Nov 19, 2013

What do a young Canadian tribal leader, an Australian inventor and the man dubbed India’s “water Gandhi” have in common?  All three are dedicated eco-activists, and are featured in the current documental titled, Elemental.

Choosing the name for a film is often a complicated process. In the case of Elemental, co-director Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee explains there were three interlocking meanings behind the title.


You can find our earlier interview with Jay Harman here.

Renewing Redwood Forests

May 14, 2013

The redwood forests of the North Coast evolved over many thousands of years, but it takes a small fraction of that time to remove them. Now the question is, how long is needed to regenerate the logged forests, and are we willing--or even able-- to grant it?