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Air Education and Training Command

Temperatures in our area will be headed for the stratosphere this weekend, so here are some resources to know about.

HALTER Honored for Emergency Prep Efforts

Sep 12, 2016
Holly Hansen

  HALTER, the Horse And Livestock Team Emergency Response project, got started about three years ago, to provide training to fire and rescue workers on how to deal with big animals in difficulty. Already, the Glen Ellen–based organization is making an impact—and getting some major recognition for their efforts.

Caring for Aging Parents

Jun 27, 2016

  Taking care of aging parents is complicated, both medically and emotionally.  A new how-to handbook offers some practical advice.

There are myriad challenges involved in caring for parents whose health issues increase as they get older. One of the biggest, says eldercare specialist Kira Reginato, can be persuading seniors to accept home help workers.

  Reginato says she wrote Tips for Helping Your Aging Parents largely out of her own experience, but it’s not meant to be an all-inclusive guide.

Living with Faults in the North Bay

Mar 22, 2016

For thousands of years, present-day Sonoma County has straddled some major fault lines. In 1906, that resulted in a historic earthquake, which caused more damage in Santa Rosa than San Francisco. So, 110 years later, how much better prepared are we?