The Dangerous World of Butterflies

Jul 5, 2015

  Nature lovers versus breeders. Preservationists versus poachers and smugglers.  A history that goes back eons versus threatened extinctions in the 21st  century. These are just some of the stories that lie within the dangerous world of....butterflies?

The video below compresses the life cycle of the Painted Lady butterfly into less than three minutes of striking time-lapse photography.

State Studies Flow-Level Trigger for River Fishing Bans

Jul 28, 2014

  Coho and Chinook salmon are officially endangered species, even before the drought further complicated their ability to spawn. That was why the Russian River was closed to fishing altogether this past winter, on an emergency basis. Now the state Fish and Wildlife department is considering adopting a mechanism that would regulate and automate such closures in the future, by tying them to the water level in the River.

Protecting Endangered Snow Leopards

Mar 27, 2013
Snow Leopard Conservancy

Snow Leopards are found only in the high, wild mountains of central Asia, where harsh climate just one of the dangers they face. But the rare cats also have an ally, in Sonoma zoologist Dr. Rodney Jackson. Bruce Robinson talks with him.

Dr. Rodney Jackson will talk about snow leopards in a presentation at the Sonoma Veterans Hall tonight at 7 pm. The program is hosted by Sonoma Birding.

Orcas' protection is endangered, too

Jan 28, 2013
Photo: National Marine Fisheries Service

Protection for endangered orcas or "killer whales" off the Pacific Coast may be about to disappear. Lori Abbott reports.