West Bank Mayor Speaks in Santa Rosa

Nov 17, 2014

  In the Palestinian Territories, the West Bank is relatively calm, at least compared to the Gaza Strip. But there are still points of conflict with neighboring Israel, especially around the continuing expansion of Israeli settlements in the region. A first-hand perspective on one such project is being presented in Santa Rosa tonight.

Mayor Sokar’s talk is at 7 o’clock this evening, at the Methodist church in west Santa Rosa. The event is free. Look for further details on our website, krcb.org/news.

SR Arts District Hosts 'WinterBlast'

Nov 14, 2014

  The small arts district near Julliard Park in Santa Rosa is kicking off the holiday season with their 10th annual WinterBlast event tomorrow, a playful street fair with a decidedly creative bent. Here’s what to expect.

Reexamining Prohibition's Legacy

Nov 13, 2014

  In the 81 years since Prohibition ended, winemaking in California and the United States has made a remarkable recovery. In fact, says documentarian Carla De Luca Worfolk, the long dry years actually set the stage for those gains.

   In researching the various ways that California’s grape growers were able to circumvent the restrictions imposed by Prohibition, filmmaker Carla De Luca Worfolk says she was most impressed to learn about the production and distribution of what were known as “wine bricks.”

Engaging with Local Boards and Commissions

Nov 7, 2014

  It takes more than just a desire to serve, and perhaps some relevant personal background, to win a seat on a local board or commission, and to be an effective member of that body. So where does one get that specialized training? One place is a event for that very purpose, being held tomorrow at Santa Rosa Junior College. Here’s more about it.

Questioning the 'Common Core Standards'

Nov 6, 2014

  The new set of public education benchmarks known as the Common Core Standards are being implemented across the county, including here in California.  But Common Core is also being met with some questions and criticisms, some of which is being organized by a group called “Unveiling Common Core.” They are hosting a panel discussion on the education standards tonight, and in today’s segment we hear from one of the participants.

At the UN Tribunal on Rwanda

Oct 27, 2014

  Securing justice in international criminal trials is an inexact but fascinating process, says a local attorney recently returned from the UN’s Criminal Tribunal on the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. 

Encouraging EV Adoption

Oct 23, 2014

Renewable power sources and wider use of electric cars are radically reshaping the energy business, in ways that are just beginning to take hold, with California and the North Bay at the forefront.

Tourism could be another avenue toward wider adoption of electric vehicles. Plans to support that in Sonoma County have been gradually getting rolled out for some time now, says David Worthington, the county's vehicle fleet manager. But right now, electric car rentals are an important missing link.

Indian Basket Weaving in the 21st Century

Oct 22, 2014


 Native Americans have been weaving baskets for generations, and while their methods have changed little over time, access to the indigenous materials they use has grown much more complicated.

   The "Tending the Wild" workshops are being held on Saturday, Oct. 25 and Sunday, Oct. 26 at the Pepperwood Preserve on Franz Valley Road northeast of Santa Rosa. Linda Navarro, Executive Director of the sponsoring California Indian Basketweavers Association, tells attendees what to expect:

Creating Climate Wealth

Oct 20, 2014

  Forget fossil fuels and extraction technologies. Now there’s money to be made in developing and expanding renewable energy sources.

    Jigar Shah will be a keynote speaker at the “Business of Local Energy" Symposium in Petaluma on Thursday. See a full event agenda here.

Addressing Latinos’ Mental Health Needs

Oct 17, 2014

  The overall health needs of California’s Latino population are widely underserved. That shortfall is even greater when it comes to mental health services.

Mental illnesses are not exactly contagious, noted Dr. Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola, Director of the Center for Reducing Health Disparities at UC Davis, but within families they can be readily shared, especially between parents and children.

Debunking Myths About Bats

Oct 10, 2014

  Even though we may not see them all that often, bats are common to Sonoma County. They are also the subject of many common—but erroneous—myths, which tend to come up every year around this time. To counter them, today we have some bat facts.

Rachel Griffiths will be the main presenter at a special Bats Day at the Laguna Environmental Center on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 11.

The Future of Editorial Cartooning

Oct 7, 2014

  As newspapers struggle to survive and prosper in the digital age, what will become of their specialized contributors, such as editorial cartoonists? They’re hustling to adapt to the new media landscape, as we hear on today’s North Bay Report. 

Mark Fiore and Jen Sorenson will be part of a panel discussing “Editorial Cartooning Today” at the Charles Schulz Museum on Sunday. Find details here.

The Economics of Sustainability

Sep 30, 2014

   What would a truly sustainable economic system look and feel like? A four-day conference, sponsored by Sonoma’s Praxis Peace Institute, plans to explore that question in depth.

An Insider’s View of the CIA—Then and Now

Sep 22, 2014
(c) Robert Shetterly/Americans Who Tell The Truth

A veteran CIA analyst says political agendas have corrupted his old office, driving whistle blowers like Edward Snowden to act outside of official channels in order to deliver truth to the public. 

  As a private citizen, Ray McGovern says he is still able to keep up on international and domestic events in much the same way he did while working at the CIA.

The rapid rise to prominence of the Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL) has, in some quarters, been called a failure of US intelligence gathering.  McGovern doesn’t see it that way.

Sustainable Housing Discussion in Petaluma

Sep 22, 2014

  Homelessness and the cost of rental housing are both going up in Sonoma County, which isn’t a good combination.  The question of how to maintain cultural and economic diversity in the face of these conditions is the focus of a North Bay Sustainability Mixer in Petaluma tomorrow night. Here’s a preview.

COTS' Mike Johnson will be one of four scheduled speakers at that gathering and mixer, which begins at 7 pm. You can find more information about it here.

Santa Rosa Volunteer Fair Debuts

Sep 19, 2014

  Sonoma County already leads the state in volunteerism, but there is always room to do more. To help facilitate that, a first-ever Volunteer Fair is being held tomorrow in Santa Rosa, and we’ve got all the details about it for you on today’s Exchange.

Schulz's Early Cartooning on View

Sep 16, 2014
© 1948 Schulz Family Intellectual Trust.

  Peanuts made Santa Rosa cartoonist Charles Schulz popular world-wide, but that long-running strip was not where his career began. A new exhibit at the Charles M. Schulz museum looks back as his earliest work, and we hear more about that today from the woman who helped put it together.

Switch Vehicles Hosts Open House

Sep 15, 2014
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  Switch Vehicles, the maker of three-wheeled electric cars sold as kits, is holding an open house today, part of the North Bay iHub’s Innovation Week. KRCB profiled the unusual automotive start-up on the North Bay Report last December, and on today’s Exchange, we reprise that story.

The Switch Vehicles Open House is from 10-3 today, in their new home at 380 Morris Street in Sebastopol, with cars on display and some limited opportunities for test drives.

Heirloom Expo Looks Back, Forward

Sep 10, 2014

  The 4th annual Heirloom Expo got underway at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds yesterday. KRCB News Director Bruce Robinson paid a visit and talked with one of the event’s co-founders.

The 4th annual Heirloom Expo continues through tomorrow. You can find a full schedule of events here.

Tastes and Tips at the Fermentation Festival

Aug 21, 2014


Fermentation is an essential part of the brewing of beer and other alcoholic beverages, but that process is also involved in the making of a wide variety of foods. They’ll be on display and, in many cases, available for both sampling and instruction at the Farm to Fermentation Festival in Santa Rosa this weekend. Here’s a preview.

Find a full schedule of festival events here.

Peaceroots Alliance Hosts Family Festival

Aug 15, 2014

  Among the many things happening around Sonoma County this coming weekend, there is one in particular that’s likely to appeal to longtime members of the counter-culture, both musically and politically. And anyone else who is so inclined.

Any additional details you might need can be found here.

Gay Blood Drive Presses for End to Donor Ban

Jul 11, 2014

  When the call for a blood drive goes out, there is one sizable group of willing donors who are routinely excluded. Gay men are prohibited from giving blood, due to a decades-old ban that is now being questioned. Today is the second National Gay Blood Drive, here in Sonoma County and across the nation, organized to press for a change in that prohibition. Here’s more about it.

Bibliophoria is on a Roll!

Jun 27, 2014

  Bibliophoria has been in full swing at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts for a couple of weeks already, but the art and books event is heading for a high point tomorrow with what they call a “Street Printing Festival.” But that name doesn’t really do justice to what will actually be happening.

'BeagleFest' Returns to Snoopy's Home Turf

Jun 25, 2014

  Fans of all things Peanuts from all over the world are converging nearby this week for a collectors’ club convention they call “BeagleFest.” Today we get a peek inside.

 To find out more about the 13th BeagleFest—which runs tomorrow through Saturday--click here.

Sailing by the Stars Alone

Jun 18, 2014

  The earliest sailors on the vast Pacific Ocean found their way to and from small islands with only the stars to guide them. So how did they manage that? A special new show at the SRJC planetarium this summer holds some answers.

The new show, opening Friday night, is called Star Compass:  Polynesian Wayfinding. It runs through July 13, and you can find additional details here.

A Festival of Conscious Parenting

Jun 17, 2014

  There’s a new event coming up this weekend and it’s not just new to Sonoma County—this will be the first time there has been a Festival of Conscious Parenting.. anywhere. To find out what that includes, all you need to do is listen.

You can find a full schedule for the new Festival of Conscious Parenting here.

Unusual Speakers at Santa Rosa TEDx Event

Jun 12, 2014
Eric Larsen

  TED talks have become a big deal. There are hundreds of them online now, and of course KRCB airs NPR’s weekly TED Radio Hour on Sunday mornings at 9. And there is also a local Ted-type event in Santa Rosa which is happening on Saturday.

That local TED-x event is coming up on Saturday afternoon, June 14th, starting at 1 pm in the Jackson Theater at Sonoma Country Day School. For a full list of the presenters, click here.

Pride Celebration Enlivens Guerneville This Weekend

May 30, 2014

  June gets off to a lively start with the annual Pride celebration, which will be centered in Guerneville over the weekend. Today’s segment takes a closer look at the event itself, and a bit of the history behind it.

Racing Across America on Two Wheels

May 28, 2014

  How’s this for a challenging bike ride:  3000 miles, including 32 miles of ascents. And one more thing—it’s a non-stop race that has to be completed in nine days or less.

  Why would anyone want to undertake such a daunting challenge? The answer is a little different for each of the Albers.

Building Community Through Shared Resilience

May 15, 2014

  When Daily Acts launched their 350 Home and Garden Challenge four years ago, their goal was to enlist 350 people or households in committing to take a specific action to help the environment and their community. The response has been so strong, they have now dropped the number (while increasing their goal tenfold) and changed the name to the Community Resilience Challenge. It’s coming up this weekend; here’s an update.