Walking Through West County History

May 13, 2014

  History unfolds slowly, so a good way to review it is to also move slowly. That’s what the annual all-day walk, hosted by the Sonoma County Historical Society, is all about. But to fully enjoy it, you’ll need to prepare. 

 Jeff Tobes will be leading the Sonoma County Historical Society's 10th annual 25 mile walk on June 7th. Read all about the event and sign up here.

Bake Fair to Boost World Fair Trade Day

May 9, 2014

Global Fair Trade items include many foodstuffs, with coffee and chocolate leading the way. They all are getting some extra attention tomorrow, as Santa Rosa’s Fair Trade campaign hosts a special sort of Bake-off.

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Peeking Inside Distant Galaxies

May 7, 2014
Courtesy of Lynn Cominsky / NASA

New telescopes that employ particle conversion methods to create their images are giving scientists increasingly detailed pictures of the inner workings of distant galaxies. Today’s Exchange investigates how that works, and what is being discovered.

Final Cadences for Choral Conductor Dan Earl

Apr 25, 2014

  Dan Earl has been a constant and active presence in Sonoma County’s choral music world for decades, including a round of four concerts with the Santa Rosa Symphonic Chorus that begins this evening. These performances will also represent a milestone of sorts, as Dan will step down from the podium when they are concluded. He talks about both aspects of the weekend ahead with Bruce Robinson.

Revisiting the Ideas of Rudolph Steiner

Apr 24, 2014

  Rudolph Steiner is known for founding Waldorf schools and developing the concept of biodynamic farming, but that’s not all. A one-day class taught by a local activist and student of the German innovator will be offered in Santa Rosa on Saturday. Here’s a preview.

Coming Out Party for New C-Media Center

Apr 10, 2014

  Santa Rosa’s Community Media Center has undergone a transformation, and it is now the C-Media Center, which is holding a sort of coming out celebration tomorrow night. Today’s Exchange brings us details about both.

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Holiday Foolishness in Occidental

Apr 1, 2014

  It may be April Fool’s Day today, but the full celebration of the occasion happens on Saturday, when Occidental holds its 10th annual Fool’s Parade. It’s a long-standing tradition, and one that has an appropriately colorful history. So, here, with a recap of that foolish past, is KRCB’s Bruce Robinson.

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"The Lost Landscapes of San Francisco"

Mar 28, 2014

The San Francisco of past decades can still be seen in rare archival film footage, but it’s left up to the audience to identify and comment on what they are seeing, in a featured program making a return appearance at this weekend’s Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival. Bruce Robinson offers a preview.

Some scenes that film archivist Rick Prelinger has found show locations that have long since been swallowed by progress. He cites one memorable example, shot in a now-vanished San Francisco cemetery.

The Case for Abolishing Prisons

Mar 7, 2014

 It’s hard to imagine a society without prisons —especially in contemporary California -- but that’s exactly what Steve Martinot has been doing. He’s the author of a short book titled “The Need to Abolish the Prison System: An Ethical Indictment” that makes a case for such a change. Bruce Robinson talked with him to understand his reasoning.

The Hungry Owl Project

Mar 6, 2014
Hungry Owl Project

 It’s a classic win-win. The Hungry Owl Project is providing habitat and boosting populations of bar owls in the North Bay, enabling the nocturnal predators to feast on mice, rats and other rodents we’d rather not be allowed to proliferate unchecked.

Barn owls are just one of several species of owls that are common across the North Bay. Although they, like most owls, are nocturnal, Alex Godbe, Director of the Hungry Owl Project, says barn owls are easy to recognize when seen in flight. But don’t expect to hear one fly past.

Life in Mexican California

Feb 25, 2014

Between the missions and the ranchos, northern California was a male-dominated realm in the 1870s. But it is from the accounts of a handful of women there that we get an inside picture of what day-to-day life then was really like.

We have these detailed accounts of life in early northern California thanks to the vision of a single man, says Santa Clara University History professor Robert Senkewicz. Fortunately, his vision was unusually inclusive for its time.

Thinking Like A Naturalist

Feb 25, 2014

Part of the fun of being outdoors here in the North Bay is recognizing the birds, wildlife and flora that surround us. A trained naturalist will know more of the names and patterns all those things, but that’s not the only thing that separates him or her from us more casual observers. A program in Sonoma tomorrow night offers insights into those differences, and Bruce Robinson talks with the presenter for that event.

Black History Month Film Series Continues

Feb 13, 2014

  February is Black History Month, and one way that is being observed locally is with a mini-film festival, being held on three consecutive Thursday evenings at the Arlene Francis Center in Santa Rosa. The second of those three films is being shown tonight, and we get further details on today’s Exchange segment.

The showing of the film “Freedom Riders” is at 7 o’clock this evening, with a discussion to follow. Admission is just $5.

For details on the entire film series, see the flyer posted below.

Book Festival Bows Out

Jan 29, 2014

  Since 2000, the Sonoma County Book Festival has been a favorite event for many local readers every September. But it turns out that the Festival last September was, in fact, the last Festival. Why? We get some answers on today’s Exchange.

Celebrating MLK's Birthday in Santa Rosa

Jan 17, 2014

  Even before it was a national holiday, Martin Luther King’s Birthday was an occasion for celebration in Santa Rosa. That tradition will continue on both Sunday and Monday coming up, and we get a preview of some of those activities on today’s Exchange.

Finding Your Writer's Voice

Jan 15, 2014
Theo Nestor

Visiting authors will be offering advice and training to aspiring writers during two upcoming workshops. On Thursday, January 16 memoirist Theo Nestor is offering a free writing class based on her new book Writing Is My Drink: A Writer's Story of Finding Her Voice (And A Guide to How You Can Too) (Simon and Schuster, 2013) at 7 p.m. at Book Passage in Corte Madera. 

The Emerald Cup Comes to Santa Rosa

Dec 13, 2013

  If there were any remaining doubts about how mainstream medical marijuana has become in Northern California, the Emerald Cup will put them to rest. This annual country fair for organic pot growers has been going on for 10 years, and has outgrown facilities farther north, so it’s taking over the Sonoma County Fairgrounds this weekend. Today’s Exchange offers a preview.

Volunteers needed to carry "peace cranes"

Jul 2, 2013
Peace Novato

Each year in the Novato Fourth of July parade volunteers from PeaceNovato carry folded paper cranes in honor of the American service men and women who have died in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The practice draws on an Asian tradition, where paper cranes are symbols of good fortune and longevity. At the Children's Peace Monument in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park thousands of cranes memorialize young victims of the

Living 'Books' Speak Sunday at Day Under the Oaks

May 1, 2013

Since 1978, Santa Rosa Junior College’s ‘Day Under the Oaks’ has attracted Sonoma County residents eager to discover the range of educational and cultural offerings at the college. This year organizers are trying something new, a collection of professionals, acting as "living books," eager to talk about their jobs. 

Test performance

Feb 8, 2013

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