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La Escondida food truck

A new food truck appearing off the Sonoma Highway has some cool, tasty specialties. But it's more than just a truck. It's an example of a local organization supporting small business with a special kind of investment.

Read about the La Escondida food truck in the Sonoma Index-Tribune. Here's the truck's Facebook page.

Expanding Agri-Tourism in the North Bay

Feb 16, 2017

An informational meeting about the expanding business of agri-tourism drew an intensely interested cross section of farmers, promoters and others to the Petaluma Community Center yesterday. 

Tim Zahner, Chief Marketing Officer for the Sonoma County Tourism office, says that the agricultural and culinary diversity of Sonoma County is one of the area’s greatest attractions.

Nancy Fiddler sees expanding operations to bring more visitors to her Rollin’ F Ranch near Sebastopol as a critical step to maintain her business viability.

Growing Grain in Mendocino County

Jul 17, 2016
Mendocino Grain Project

  Agricultural diversification in Mendocino County doesn’t just mean adding new varietals, or even preparing for legal cannabis cultivation. For a small but growing number of farmers, it includes growing traditional and specialty grains. Reporter Valerie Kim visited the man at the center of this incipient trend, Doug Mosel of the Mendocino Grain Project.

Tastes and Tips at the Fermentation Festival

Aug 21, 2014


Fermentation is an essential part of the brewing of beer and other alcoholic beverages, but that process is also involved in the making of a wide variety of foods. They’ll be on display and, in many cases, available for both sampling and instruction at the Farm to Fermentation Festival in Santa Rosa this weekend. Here’s a preview.

Find a full schedule of festival events here.

The Sour Effects of Sugar-saturated Drinks

Apr 2, 2014

A local ad campaign is out to combat the big budgets of soft drink makers , using basic math to reveal just how much sugar those beverages contain.

  Although they are also often very sweet, fruit juices can be a healthier choice than sodas or energy drinks. But Jasmine Hunt cautions, you have to check carefully to be sure you’re getting real fruit, not just added sugar.

Another alternative for some, are diet sodas. They don’t contain the unhealthy amounts of sugar, says nutritionist Nora Bulloch, but they may pose other problems.

'Twenty Years Behind Bars'

Mar 24, 2014

Take 20 years of experience, a healthy dose of human foibles, stir in a way with words and add alcohol—mix well and you’ve got an entertaining account of life as seen from the other side of the bar.

The hardest thing a bartender has to do from time to time, says Jeff Burkhart, is cut off someone who has one or two too many.

By comparison, mixing drinks is easy. Below Jeff demonstrates his approach to a classic Margarita.