Three San Francisco high school seniors try to make sense adulthood. We spend a year with them as they fight for their futures, in a rapidly changing city.   

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Getting to a Renewably Powered Future

Jul 24, 2016

  Sooner or later, clean electricity will have to power our future. But that future world will be significantly different than the one we live in now. In this first of a three-part series, KRCB explores the projections of two local energy industry analysts.

Transportation is a huge consumer of oil and gas, and converting that to renewably-sourced electricity will be one of the biggest challenges we face, says Richard Heinberg. Because moving people around is just the tip of the melting iceberg.

Living Through the Peak of Industrial Civilization

May 27, 2016

  From genetic predisposition to flawed cultural assumptions, humankind’s history is getting in the way of preparing for a very different future. So says Nate Hagens, a writer, educator and energy analyst who will speak in Sebastopol Wednesday night.

A more rational and comprehensive way of thinking about and measuring all forms of energy consumption, Hagens suggests, would be to focus on calories, which offers a stark contrast between what is needed and what is actually used.

Preparing for Life Beyond Coal, Oil and Gas

Jul 27, 2015

  Remaining oil, gas and coal reserves are dirtier and harder to extract. So why aren’t we being more protective of these dwindling resources? That’s what Richard Heinberg wants to know, as Bruce Robinson’s interview with him continues.

See Richard Heinberg elaborate on what he calls “The Great Burning,” in the video below:

Anticipating Life After Fossil Fuels

Jul 26, 2015

  What happens when we’ve burned up all the available fossil fuels on Earth?  Santa Rosa energy analyst Richard Heinberg says that’s a question we are already late in addressing.

Richard Heinberg’s latest book is Afterburn: Society Beyond Fossil  Fuels. We’ll hear more from him on tomorrow’s North Bay Report.

  Claude Lewenz believes he’s developed a better idea for a 21st century city, one that is now gaining attention in Mendocino County.  He calls it a “village town,” and explained it in this archival North Bay Report from October, 2010.

The Village Town concept is a fresh start, as Claude Lewenz envisions it, a community built completely new and separate from what has gone before

  Designing the individual villages will be left up to the people who will live in them, Lewenz explains. He offers an outline of how that might happen.

Accelerating 'The Crash Course'

Mar 10, 2014

  Chris Martenson’s cautionary “Crash Course” on coming economic and cultural changes is packed with information, but it runs rather long. So he’s working on an abridged version, and gave some local viewers an advance look at it last week. Afterward, he talked with KRCB’s Bruce Robinson.

  Everyone will be affected by the changes Chris Martenson anticipates in his Crash Course. But he says that different generations see them quite differently.