Climbers For Peace Plan Iranian Expedition

Apr 24, 2017

Santa Rosa-based Climbers For Peace organizes and leads multi-national teams in bond-building ascents of major mountains. Their next trip will take them up the highest peak in the Middle East—assuming the government of Iran allows it.

EVs Circle the Globe in 80 Days

Oct 25, 2016
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

For his summer vacation his year, Alan Soule took a trip around the world—literally—behind the wheel of his electric car.

This was a full circuit of the Northern Hemisphere, beginning and ending in Spain. But in between, says Alan Soule, the lone American participant, his passport got a workout.

Along the way, the EV drivers visited many remarkable landmarks and found charging opportunities fairly readily when they were needed. The biggest automotive challenge, says Soule, was the condition of the roads in Kazakhstan.

Making the Syrian Refugee Crisis Personal

May 20, 2016
John Namkung

Millions of Americans have seen and heard about the millions of refugee refugees who are flooding into Europe to escape the ongoing violence in Syria, Afghanistan and other Middle East war zones. Today we hear from one man who went to Greece to do what he could to help them.

John Namkung was far from  the only volunteer to arrive in Greece without a clear plan for how he wanted to help the refugees there. He discovered there were dozens of ad hoc groups who had organized themselves to address specific needs.

Updating 'The Wine Bible'

Nov 26, 2015

  Fifteen years ago, St. Helena wine writer Karen MacNeill published the first edition of The Wine Bible. She’s now updated it to incorporate a world of changes.

   Beyond extension sections focused on varietals and a global roster of wine-growing regions, Karen MacNeill also addresses a number of questions about buying, storing and serving wine in her updated volume. Also a few myths, such as whether or not women are more perceptive tasters.

Kanaye Nagasawa’s Journey to Fountaingrove

Nov 5, 2015

  An early Sonoma County businessman and winemaker arrived here through a most unusual set of circumstances, which are chronicled in a new exhibit at Santa Rosa’s downtown History Museum.

Santa Rosa Named a “Fair Trade Town"

Oct 13, 2015

  Santa Rosa has become the 10th official “Fair Trade Town" in California, and will celebrate that designation on Saturday.

  You can read or download the Madr Boomie Sustainability Impact Report here.

The Official Santa Rosa Fair Trade Town Celebration will be held in Courthouse Square on Saturday afternoon. See event details below.

At the UN Tribunal on Rwanda

Oct 27, 2014

  Securing justice in international criminal trials is an inexact but fascinating process, says a local attorney recently returned from the UN’s Criminal Tribunal on the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. 

Atrocities Alleged in Chinese Falun Gong Crackdown

Oct 14, 2014

 Enzo Guo fled his native China and sought asylum in the United States, because he knew he was at risk of being imprisoned for practicing Falun Gong.  He’s since learned that he may have escaped an even more grisly fate.

Within the opaque society of China, it’s hard to confirm the widespread  allegations of organ trafficking, but expat Fauln Gong practitioner Enzo Guo says the circumstantial evidence is substantial.

Life in Palestine

Jul 17, 2014
Therese Mughannam

While fighting intensifies in Gaza, life in the West Bank goes on. A recent visitor reports on the baseline normalcy there, where the shadow of a sometimes harsh military occupation perpetuates a sense of historic injustice.


Ramallah today is a modern and reasonably prosperous city which apparently serves as the functional capital of the Palestinian Territories. It is also, for Therese Mughannam, a sort of ancestral home.

Simulating Cuba at the International Model UN

Apr 30, 2014

  Every spring, a group of students from Sonoma State take part in a global simulation of the United Nations, but representing a country very different from their own. The 26 delegates have just returned, bringing back a few honors with them. To get a debriefing on their trip, we hear today from their faculty advisor.

Phillipine Medical Mission

Apr 3, 2014

  In January, a medical mission organized by a North Bay doctor, treated thousands of patients in the Philippines, many of them in outlying rural areas recently hit by natural disasters. But this was not a one-time response to the needs there. Bruce Robinson talks with the doctor who makes it happen.

The mission was a project of the Philippine Medical Society of Northern California.

Questioning America's 'Pivot to Asia'

Feb 27, 2014

Iraq War dissident, former Army Col. Ann Wright, returns to Santa Rosa this weekend to share new concerns about the growing risks of American interventions in another part of the world.

Wright’s alarm over American policies abroad also includes a view of spreading corporate globalization as a destabilizing force.

Global Student Embassy Expands Activities, Participants

Feb 20, 2014

  Global Student Embassy began five years ago as a senior project at Sebastopol’s Analy High school, launched by brothers Lucas and Jasper Oshun. Since then, it has grown impressively, expanding around the bay area, and into three countries in Latin America. With an update on their recent activities, here’s News Director Bruce Robinson.

A Life of Rhythm

Feb 18, 2014

From pounding out a rhythm on kitchen implements as a child, to traveling the world with a hand drum and an open heart, Marin County resident Barbara Borden has lived life to the pulse of her own beat. It’s a journey traced in the new documentary film, Keeper of the Beat.

As a high school and later, college student, Barbara Borden began to realize her fixation on drumming was unusual for her gender, but even then, Borden says, she was too deeply into her craft to be dissuaded.

Reverse Trick or Treating for Fair Trade

Oct 30, 2013

  Halloween is traditionally a night when householders hand out chocolate and other goodies to costumed children. This year, some teens in Santa Rosa will be out to reverse that tradition, for a good cause.

Find out more about the Santa Rosa Fair Trade Town campaign on their website. Below, a video example of reverse trick or treating taken to unusual lengths.