Recall Campaign Targets Sheriff Freitas

May 17, 2017

Sonoma County Sheriff Steve Freitas’s six-plus years in office have been tumultuous on multiple fronts. Now a group of local activists is pushing to recall him, even before his announced retirement at the end of his current term next year.

The most alarming complaints raised against the Sheriff's office in the past year involve the prolonged, brutal treatment of inmates at the Sonoma County Jail. Community Action Coalition member Kathleen Finnegan calls it torture.

Growth Worries Underlie Napa Elections

May 31, 2016
County of Napa

  Two incumbent supervisors are facing brisk challenges in Napa County’s primary election, while voters there are also being asked to approve funding for schools and a new jail.

Jail Phone Costs Questioned

Aug 22, 2013

Telephone calls can be a jail inmate’s only remaining link to family and friends on the outside. But those calls are costly, and the critics contend the services they fund for prisoners shouldn’t mean less access to personal contacts.

The impulse to penalize jail inmates with fiscal barriers to outside communications is understandable, says Tracy Rosenberg of Media Alliance, but ultimately it is short-sighted, resulting in higher social costs.