Kevin Welch


After a car trip (there and back) to and from Oregon and Santa Rosa, I find myself neither older nor wiser, still smelling the smoke from the horrendous fires in Redding that we drove through, trembling in the aftermath of a family get-together and ready to spend two hours this Friday evening listening to three of my all-time favorite musical groups.

Now... I'm no musical historian, so I can't recite chapter, verse, birthdate, religion of baptism, extent of education and all that stuff, so... for what it's worth... the groups are:

About Something Completely Different this week - host Roland Jacopetti writes:  

"I hope all of you enjoyed last Tuesday's Something Completely Different as much as I did. I was so taken with the music that I forgot to introduce you to a statement from the late Townes Van Zandt, in the notes of his posthumous album A Far Cry From Dead.