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  The basic rules of grammar were established hundreds of years ago. Yet arguments over certain details persist, and common mistakes abound, even proliferating into the digital age. But there are defenders of the age-old standards, even here in Sonoma County, and we meet one of them on today’s North Bay Report.

Formal language standards often have a rough time in some areas of the virtual world of websites and social media. But even there, Miller observes, sloppy writing and imprecise usage can have negative consequences.

Crafting A Lexicon of Sustainability

Jun 30, 2014

When we talk about something—food, for instance—it’s essential that we all understanding the same meanings for the words we use. That’s the reasoning behind the Lexicon of Sustainability.

There’s another way that language shapes the food choices in his own home, explains Douglas Gayeton.

    Food, of course, extends beyond agriculture, as does the importance of sustainability. One important example is fish.