Creating an Animal Abuse Registry

Dec 7, 2013
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

 The best way to avoid selling or giving pets to animal abusers is knowing in advance who they are. A North Bay animal advocacy group is building a national registry to do that.

CEQA Faces Calls for Change

Aug 28, 2013

  Since Ronald Regan was governor, the California Environmental Quality Act has been giving citizens a voice in how development unfolds around them. But as the state legislature considers changes to the law, its supporters are watching carefully, and with some concern.

  Sierra Club of California Director Gary Patton will be in Santa Rosa Thursday evening  to talk about CEQA and the politics surrounding it.  He appears at 7 pm at the Environmental Center of Sonoma County, at 55 Ridgeway Avenue.

Fighting Flame Retardants

May 6, 2013

You might expect firefighters would approve of adding flame-retardant chemicals to building materials. In reality, they see them as a threat. Now, state law makers are seeking to update old laws that effectively require the addition of flame retardants to many manufactured products.

Learn more about AB 127 through Assenblymember Skinner's website.