To get Buffalo Mozzarella Outside of Italy try Tomales

Mar 17, 2014
Audrey Hitchcock, Ramini Mozzarella

Craig Ramini came to his second career through a combination of luck and pluck. After deciding to leave the Silicon Valley tech industry with a near-terminal case of boredom, Ramini launched himself into cheese making after a relative asked, "Why don't Americans make buffalo mozzarella? 

Zero Waste Living

Dec 30, 2013
Kelly Ryan, KRCB

 Creating lifestyle that doesn’t create any waste—that’s right, zero—requires considerable preparation and focus. But it can be done, as one Marin County family demonstrates every day. She explained it all to reporter Kelly Ryan.

Bea Johnson, author of the book and blog, Zero Waste Home, says one unexpected benefit of her family's no-garbage lifestyle has been added time for more important activities.