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You can’t yet major in Cannabis Studies at Sonoma State. But SSU's School of Extended and International Education is getting serious about sharing information with those hoping to be involved in the burgeoning  industry. SSU’s Cannabis in California series continues October 6 with a seminar focused on Finance, Investment and Investment Law.

Mexico Promises Aid For DACA Recipients

Sep 12, 2017
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ALSO: California lawmakers are set to make a few last-minute edits this week to rules governing the state’s cannabis industry. Among the changes, the bill would allow stores that sell medical marijuana to also offer recreational pot come January.

Today's reporting by Ben Bradford and Daniel Potter. 

Some Old Pot Convictions Reversed by Prop 64

Dec 15, 2016

Thanks to the passage of Proposition 64, it is now legal to grow, possess or transport small amounts of marijuana. But the measure also can roll back the convictions of people who were jailed for doing those things before November 9th,  a process that is now getting started.

Santa Rosa attorney Joe Rogoway has discovered that in some cases, old efforts to minimize the legal consequences of past marijuana law violations have now complicated the new process of getting those old convictions undone.

Marijuana Measures Seek a Place on the 2016 Ballot

Mar 7, 2016

  As popular sentiment for allowing wider use of marijuana continues to grow, a cluster of proposed measures to revisit legalization have been vying for a spot on California’s November ballot. But as the deadline for qualifying draws closer, the field now appears to be narrowing. 

The Cancer-fighting Properties of Cannabis

Jul 8, 2014

  The boldest frontiers involving medical marijuana are all about getting well, not getting high.  Today’s archival North Bay Report, from July 201, looked at some of the most remarkable possibilities that medical cannabis has to offer.

Len Richmond’s film, “What If Cannabis Cured Cancer?” can be viewed in full here. The trailer for it is posted below.

Children and medical cannabis: Barriers abound

Jan 10, 2014
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Twenty five children with severe, uncontrolled epilepsy will begin trying an experimental new drug called Epidiolex this month. Epidolex is  a pharmaceutically pure form of cannabidiol -- a chemical derived from cannabis. 

Anecdotal evidence suggests cannabidiol can be successful in treating some children, yet its actions and effects remain poorly understood. Researchers say they are hampered by strict regulations and poor access to medical cannabis.

Can sick children benefit from medical marijuana?

Jan 9, 2014
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It may sound shocking at first -- dozens of Bay Area children are being treated with medical marijuana (or cannabis) for conditions including epilepsy, autism and cancer, among others. 

But despite anecdotal accounts that preparations rich in cannabidol (a chemical derived from cannabis) can be effective in treating some neurological disorders, parents and scientists are hindered by a lack of regulation, access and consistency within the medical marijuana industry. 

The Emerald Cup Comes to Santa Rosa

Dec 13, 2013

  If there were any remaining doubts about how mainstream medical marijuana has become in Northern California, the Emerald Cup will put them to rest. This annual country fair for organic pot growers has been going on for 10 years, and has outgrown facilities farther north, so it’s taking over the Sonoma County Fairgrounds this weekend. Today’s Exchange offers a preview.

Martin Lee's "Smoke Signals"

Sep 3, 2013

  The recreational use of marijuana goes back thousands of years, around the world, and medicinal uses of the cannabis plant are just about as ancient. It’s all documented in, Smoke Signals, a new book by another local Sonoma County writer.