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  Harmful algal blooms occur when certain types of algae grow out of control and release toxic substances that damage fish, shellfish, birds, marine mammals and humans. In California, sea lions are the most commonly affected and the problem, scientists say, is getting worse [PDF]. 

Wildfires Cause Trouble for Sea Otters

Aug 1, 2014
courtesy Lizabeth Bowen/USGS

It's wildfire season, and the effects aren't limited to the land. As major fires rage around the state, researchers this week released a study indicating wildfires damage the health of marine mammals, such as sea otters. 

Vallejo Dolphins Surprise Researchers

Jan 15, 2014
Nancy Chan.

Bella, a 9-year-old dolphin at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, gave birth last week to her first calf. The pair are surprising researchers and trainers as they communicate with each other. 

In her third trimester of pregnancy, Bella began emitting her "baby whistle" -- a unique call dolphins use to introduce themselves to each other. This behavior has never been observed before. Within minutes of being born, Bella's daughter also began to vocalize -- the earliest response recorded to date.