Midday Music

Comedian and Satirist Will Durst will be stopping by Studio A at KRCB-FM, to chat with Doug Jayne and to help with a little fundraising during the KRCB-FM Radio 91 Fall Fundraiser! Be sure to listen in during the 1:00 pm hour on 91.1 and 90.9 FM; streaming at https://norcalpublicmedia.org; on the FREE KRCB App; and on Comcast Cable channel 961 throughout the 9 counties of the Bay Area!

Tommy Emmanuel 'picks' a visit to KRCB

Jan 5, 2018

Guitar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel stops by Studio A for a visit Thursday January 11th .  His professional career began in his native Australia at the age of six when he performed with his family band. His brothers taught Tommy the nuance of the instrument, and he became so proficient, his talent spread world-wide. A friendship with the great Chet Atkins led to Tommy being named one of Atkins C.G.P.'s (Certified Guitar Player), a distinction only given to five people. 

Actor, writer, producer, singer, linguist, voiceover artist, member of The Firesign Theatre and the Antaeus Classical Theatre Company - Phil Proctor has a lenghty resume' in the entertainment business. Thursday afternoon, March 23rd, Michael O'Brien with chat with Phil during Midday Music! LIsten to MIdday Music - Thursday afternoon from 12-2pm on KRCB-FM Radio 91!

Robert Lunceford from SonoMusette will be stopping by at 1pm on Thursday, January 26th, to chat with Doug Jayne about their upcoming concert at Occidental Center for the Arts on Saturday January 28th.