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World Cafe this week: 

Monday, May 16: David Dye returns to his 2013 conversation with Brooklyn bhangra group, Red Baraat, on this edition of the Vintage Cafe.

Tuesday, May 17: Singer-songwriters, Teddy Thompson & Kelly Jones make you think of The Everly Brothers on their first collaborative album, Little Windows.

Wednesday, May 18: The Catastrophist is the seventh studio album from post-rock group, Tortoise.

Two well-known singer-songwriters will be joining Brian Griffith in the morning, live in studio, this week:

Tuesday, May 17 at 10am:  Jason Wilbur is an American folk/acoustic singer, guitarist, songwriter, and recording artist. He has worked as John Prine's guitarist and has a dozen recordings in his own right. 

Friday, May 20: Darryl Purpose is an American singer-songwriter, known for his narrative (often very personal) lyrics and fingerstyle guitar.

Chance the Rapper is determined.

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The Danish String Quartet is one of the most widely acclaimed chamber groups at the moment — although, in the interest of full disclosure, we should tell you that one member of the quartet is actually Norwegian. The group has a new record called Adès/Nørgard/Abrahamsen that features a program of Danish and British music.

In the early 2000s, Mr. Lif — also known as Jeffrey Haynes — made a good living writing, performing and rapping with the other artists on the hip-hop label he helped define, Definitive Jux. And then, things changed suddenly: His tour bus crashed, he left his label and his home studio was flooded.

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