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  Whether the motivation is political or religious, or just protective parenting, efforts to see certain books suppressed seem as persistent as the seasons. So Banned Books week is here again to remind us of that. 

The American Library Association has released the video below which lists the top ten banned books of the past year. 

Goodbye To Surprise Medical Bills, Not Orphan Oil Wells

22 hours ago

Governor Brown also signed a bill allowing for CPR training to become a high school graduation requirement and vetoed a bill that would have added a diaper benefit for families who receive welfare.

Today's reporting by Ben Bradford.

Jonathan Bravo, LandPaths

For several years, LandPaths has been offering hikes and other outings for Sonoma County’s Latino residents. This weekend, they took that program a big step further.

Conflicting Poll Numbers In California's U.S. Senate Race

Sep 23, 2016

ALSO: Gov. Brown has signed a package of bills intended to speed up graduation rates at California State University campuses.

Today's reporting by Amita Sharma and Chris Nichols.

Islam vs. Feminism: the False Dichotomy was the topic of a talk given Thursday afternoon at Sonoma State, part of the feminist lecture series there. On her way to the campus, the speaker also visited KRCB to explain her topic and how she came to it.

This issue is hardly limited to Islam, notes Sabina Khan-Ibarra. She also contributed to an anthology that addressed it across multiple faiths.

One Year After Vetoing Drone Bills, Brown To Act On Many More

Sep 22, 2016

ALSO: Bills that deal with cyberbullying, trademarking names in California state parks and protecting nail salon workers were among the dozens signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown.

Today's reporting by Daniel Potter and Chris Nichols.

Tiffany Camhi

Three years ago, some Sonoma State students successfully built and launched a tiny research satellite into space. Now a new team of students is working to get an even smaller satellite into orbit. KRCB’s Tiffany Camhi reports.  

Find out more about the project here.

Potential gubernatorial candidate Tom Steyer recently claimed the state has spent $5 billion to execute 13 people since 1978. In reality, the state has spent this money to house and prosecute hundreds of death row inmates. We rated it Mostly False.

Today's reporting by Chris Nichols.

Although no one will see them all, voters across Sonoma County are being asked to decide 23 separate ballot measures this fall. That’s in addition to the 17 initiatives everyone will see from the state. To find out why so many, KRCB News turned to Sonoma State Political Science professor and ballot measure analyst David McCuan for insights.

In addition to the centralized budgeting that resulted from the passage of Proposition 13 in 1978, Professor McCuan observes that it has also led to some significant changes in the make-up of the state legislature—and their actions.

ALSO: Governor Jerry Brown signed a law that sets new state goals for cutting pollution from methane, hydroflourocarbons and black carbon

Today's reporting by Ben Adler and Julia Mitric.