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Fishing has long been a major industry on the Pacific coast, but surprisingly little of what is caught here winds up on local tables. A recent documentary examines that paradox. The genesis for the project that became Of The Sea was a series of shorter profiles of contemporary fisherfolk along the North Coast. In the longer documentary, says director Mischa Hedges, they concentrated on five to represent differing aspects of the profession. Of the Sea will be shown on KRCB television on Monday...

House passes water package with controversial CA amendment

Dec 9, 2016
Rich Pedroncelli / AP

ALSO: California's top pollution regulator says she thinks President-elect Donald Trump's nominee for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will have limited influence in California. Today's reporting by Daniel Potter and Ben Bradford.

There are plenty of Democrats, union members, and environmentalists in Sonoma County, who often find common cause on local issues and candidates. Collectively, in those cases, they are the Blue-Green Alliance. The Blue Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast (details below) is a local political tradition that was begun by the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy. When that group decided to let it go, two years ago, Sonoma County Conservation Action stepped in to keep the event going. The...

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ALSO: Democratic state lawmakers in Sacramento have introduced the California Values Act, a bill to further limit state and local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration officers. Today's reporting by Daniel Potter and Chris Nichols.

Cultivators of cannabis breed their plants for specific characteristics—potency, medicinal efficacy, even appearance. Today we meet someone whose emphasis is primarily on flavors—which can be manipulated in some divergent directions. Cannabis has long been combined with other things in foods—brownies being a classic example. But Jay Michaels says his cross-breeding efforts have been able to simulate the tastes of some other foods—and quite a range of them.

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ALSO: A new statewide campaign aims to shed light on the consequences of driving while high on drugs. The campaign starts a month after California legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Today's reporting by Amy Quinton and Ja'Nel Johnson.

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Sonoma County’s Board of Supervisors are close to making a decisive decision on where and how much medical marijuana can be grown in parts of the county. It’s a step towards bringing this largely unregulated industry into compliance. But as KRCB’s Tiffany Camhi reports the process has pitted small cannabis growers against their neighbors in rural, residential communities. Proposed Sonoma County Medical Marijuana Regulations by tlcamhi on Scribd

California Lawmakers Declare They Will Fight Trump Policies

Dec 6, 2016
Ben Adler / Capital Public Radio

Monday's typically-ceremonial session included the sharpest call of defiance yet from the state’s Democratic leaders against the Trump Administration. Today's reporting by Ben Adler.

Bruce Robinson, KRCB

For 50 years, Jim Doerkson has managed and maintained a small mountainside covered in fir and redwood, and narrow footpaths. His Rancho Mark West is becoming an increasingly popular place for nature education and family outings. Visit Landpaths' website for more information about their activities at Rancho Mark West and elsewhere, including the Trail Stewardship Workday coming up on Dec. 10.

Randol White / Capital Public Radio

Speculation over how the incoming Trump Administration may handle immigration issues has civil rights organizations in California planning for the possibilities. Today's reporting by Randol White.