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  Fog is part of the fabric of living on the north coast. But beyond bringing moisture and cool weather to the land, scientists are finding that these low clods also contain surprising amounts of mercury. KRCB's Danielle Venton has more.

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  ALSO: California state agencies, fishermen and scientists painted a bleak picture to lawmakers of the state of fisheries along the West Coast.


Today's reporting by Chris Nichols and Amy Quinton.

Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  he number of people with autism in Sonoma County is both growing and aging. A newly launched program at Becoming Independent in Santa Rosa is designed to aid young adults on the spectrum in navigating life beyond school.

  Because of the widespread need for programs like becoming Independent’s new “Passport to Independence, CEO Luana Vaetoe foresees a time when they may be able to export it to other sites.

Insurance Industry Backs Brown's Tax On California Health Plans

Feb 11, 2016
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  ALSO: The California Coastal Commission has fired its executive director after a heated debate that pitted environmentalists against developers.

Today's reporting by Ben Adler.

  Santa Rosa is taking its first detailed steps toward regulating the cultivation of medical marijuana within the city. The city’s planning commission will hold a public hearing on the issue Thursday afternoon. Tiffany Camhi reports.

Meanwhile State Senator Mike McGuire, a co-author  of the state bill to regulate cannabis, has just introduced a companion measure that would impose a 15% tax on the sale of medical marijuana.

Scientists Say Levees Can Increase Flood Risk And Long Term Damage

Feb 10, 2016

  ALSO: A Pacific Institute study says reduced hydropower in the drought has increased costs to California ratepayers and increased greenhouse gas emissions.

Today's reporting by Ed Joyce and Amy Quinton.

Tick Borne Diseases

Feb 9, 2016


  Rain means Tick season in Northern CA, which brings the risk of Lyme disease... and more. Researchers in Hopland have recently identified two new tick-borne diseases, bringing the total found there to eight. Reporter Valerie Kim has details.

Why Are You Paying $.77 More For Gas Than The Rest Of The U.S.?

Feb 9, 2016
Bob Moffitt

  ALSO: As more and more companies and hobbyists launch drones into California skies, state lawmakers want new regulations to govern them.

Today's reporting by Bob Moffitt and Ben Bradford.

  With prolonged contract talks apparently headed for impasse, The California Faculty Association is making plans for a state-wide strike in Mid-April.

DOJ Announces Mortgage Settlement

Feb 8, 2016
Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

  ALSO: California lawmakers could vote this week on a proposal to restructure a tax on health care plans in order to avert a potential billion-dollar state budget hole.

Today's reporting by Steve Milne and Ben Adler.