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Employment, business optimism up for Sonoma County

Jan 28, 2013
Sonoma County Economic Development Board

Sonoma County leads the state in job growth right now, but will need to make adjustments as much of the current labor force turns toward retirement. Bruce Robinson summarizes the news from the 2013 State of the County breakfast presentations.

"Shift Change" documentary examines coops worldwide

Jan 28, 2013

  A new documentary examines worker-owned cooperative businesses, from a huge complex in Spain to small start-ups here in the Bay Area.

Orcas' protection is endangered, too

Jan 28, 2013
Photo: National Marine Fisheries Service

Protection for endangered orcas or "killer whales" off the Pacific Coast may be about to disappear. Lori Abbott reports.

• All bills would be in print and online for 3 days before a final vote in either chamber.

• Special Legislative Session on Health Care Starts Monday.

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

• Brown melds a victory lap with Bible stories and California history as he urges lawmakers to advance his agenda.

• Both Democrat and Republican lawmakers praise Brown’s State of The State address.

• Look for Different Tone in Brown's State of the State Address

• Foreclosure Starts at Lowest Level Since 2006

Frederick Larson / The Chronicle

• CSU: No Tuition Increases to Make Up $250 Million Funding Gap

• California groups on both sides of the abortion debate look back on the 40th anniversary of  Roe v. Wade.

• Lawmakers say more revenue from Proposition 30 should go toward freezing tuition at the state’s colleges and universities.

• In new CA legislature, moderate Democrats hold leverage.

Brain Tumors Found in Sick Raccoons

Jan 17, 2013
UC Davis/Photo used with permission

Sick raccoons are nothing new in northern California, where distemper is fairly common among them. But some don’t fit that pattern for raccoon deaths, and new laboratory studies have found out why.


Sometimes, researchers have an idea of what they will find when they begin their investigations. This was not such a case, says Dr. Patricia Pesavento, a pathologist at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. In fact, their findings surprised everyone involved.

• Yudof promises to meet Governor Brown’s challenges to keep tuition down and add online courses.

• Steinberg to Push for National Version of Mental Health Services Act

Randy Panfilio

• New jobs would help protect the environment and oversee logging in the state.

• Governor Brown praises online college course program.

Ben Adler

• LAO: Brown's Fiscal Restraint "Commendable" but Risks Remain.

• California Lawmakers Want to Close Rape Law Loophole.

• Governor Brown’s proposed budget changes the way schools would receive funding.

• California Chamber of Commerce Pleased With Balanced Budget

Pauline Bartolone / Capital Public Radio Network

• Governor Brown says the state still faces uncertainty in costs from federal health care reform.

• Brown commits to Medi-Cal expansion, but questions remain about getting there.

• As part of his budget, Governor Brown announces major changes to the state’s education funding system.

• Lobbying organizations spent at least $61 million dollars influencing health policy over the past two years.

• Governor Jerry Brown is rejecting a federal court order to further reduce California’s prison population.

• Brown says his Prostate Cancer Treatment "Finished"

• Despite being surrounded by a Democratic supermajority, most Republicans don’t feel sidelined.

• A California lawmaker introduces a bill to regulate ammunition sales, aimed at reducing gun violence.

• The California Attorney General’s office finds part of the $54 million dollars was intentionally hidden.

• California Lawmakers Vow to Provide Oversight of Medi-Cal Changes in 2013.

• Public interest groups say many firms find a way to employ ex-lawmakers anyway.

• California Conditionally Approved to Run Its Own Health Insurance Market.

Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press /

• To date, California has a good supply of water thanks to a snowy December.

• A package of new laws protect California homeowners from foreclosure.

Police on scene of black ice on Country Club near Hinebaugh creek due to a broken sprinkler head. Be aware, due to extreme cold weather there may be other patches of black ice in other areas of the city.

If you hit black ice, don't panic and don't apply the brakes. Take your foot off the accellerator and steer into the skid.

• California veterans can erase criminal record by completing treatment relating to a mental illness.

• Ban lifted on selling homemade foods in California.

Ken Rockwell /

• California Democratic party leaders urge restraint of supermajority power.

• In the new year: Higher sales and income tax rates and a new requirement for out-of-state businesses.

• Businesses licensed by the State can no longer hide the reasons behind lawsuits.

• California Youth May Be Leading State Away From Two Party System

• Employees are gearing up for the release of the state budget.

• New Law: 2nd Chance for Inmates Sentenced as Teenagers.



• Low-income Californians will soon be able to get free cell phone service. The state agency that regulates wireless providers has given provisional approval to the program.

• The new “open carry “ ban is a follow-up to the state’s ban on the open carry of handguns.

• AAA: Holiday Travel Up This Year

• The California legislature’s response to Connecticut school shooting beginning to take shape.

• New Law: Registered Nurses Have More Power to Dispense Birth Control

• Districts to take a new look at their security plans since Friday's mass shooting in Connecticut.

• New Law: Electronic Proof of Auto Insurance acceptable.