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Marek Jacubowsk

  Like bugs? Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at natural history museums? Interested in helping scientists understand our changing environment? These are just some of the reasons why people should join a project led by UC Berkeley’s Essig Museum of Entomology.   

Through Calbug, any volunteer with Internet access can help read and transcribe hand-written field notes accompanying a million insect specimens, many dating back more than 100 years.

Attorney General Kamala Harris says the Appeals Court can act immediately.

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"My Animal, My Self"

Jun 26, 2013

Your pet may not be able to read your thoughts, exactly. But it can discern how you’re feeling, and may adjust its own behavior accordingly. A new book offers insights for humans to recognize and respond to those behaviors. Bruce Robinson talks with the author.

A change in a pet’s behavior can signal their awareness of unpleasant changes in the human part of the household, says professional animal communicator Marta Williams. Her new book, My Animal, My Self, offers more than three dozen examples, such as this one.

The new medical facility will improve treatment for 17-hundred of the state’s sickest inmates.

Native Medicinal Plants

Jun 25, 2013
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

Native healers the world over have relied on the medicinal properties of the indigenous plants in their regions for millennia. Today, much of that knowledge is more widely available—and California’s lush north coast holds a wealth of beneficial botany. On today’s North Bay Report, we meet a practitioner and teacher of those herbal arts.

While California already bans affirmative action, “race-neutral” means to promote diversity will remain intact.

ALSO: The California Senate rolls back changes to the state’s Public Records Act.


Dental Care Emergency

Jun 24, 2013

Fewer dentists and decreased funding for services have combined to create an acute shortage of dental care. A new report, released this morning, says California is among the ten states where the problem is worst. But, as Bruce Robinson reports, Sonoma County has a saving grace. 

Credit www.lawsuite.comCalifornia’s trial courts will receive an additional 60 million dollars in the new state budget.
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Increasing self-employment is driving the jobless rate down.

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Car Sharing Gains Traction

Jun 21, 2013

The typical American car is driven two hours a day or less, a big investment for relatively little use. Now, social media is helping to facilitate short-term “personal vehicle sharing,” to benefit the owners of those under-used cars—and drivers who don’t own cars.

On this week's Regional Parks Update, Ranger Jeff Taylor chats with Regional Parks Director Caryl Hart about the success of saving Annadel State Park from closure.

Hear more of Caryl's comments below!

Caryl Hart shares about the formation of the Parks Forward Commission.

The Parks Alliance for Sonoma County was formed to manage five of the State Parks within the Sonoma County system. Caryl Hart discusses the Alliance and "Team Sugarloaf."

All about Pride on Outbeat in June

Jun 21, 2013

June 23 – Outbeat News In Depth

Celebrate LGBT Pride with Outbeat News in Depth as we talk with two local women who met 44 years ago in a bar across the street from the Stonewall Inn and were there to witness the riot that started it all. We will also celebrate the 35th anniversary of the rainbow flag.

The move follows media outcry from a provision that would make complying with parts of the act optional.

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Ugly Dogs Vie For Crown

Jun 21, 2013
Photos by Kira Stackhouse, Courtesy World's Ugliest Dog (R) Contest

On Friday the Sonoma-Marin Fair hosts the 2013 World's Ugliest Dog contest. Roughly 30 mutts, pugs and Chinese crested dogs will vie for the title and $1,500. KRCB reporter Danielle Venton visited one of the dogs preparing for the contest, Grovie of Santa Rosa, and files this report.

The event, in its 25th year grabs headlines from around the world and was recently the subject of a documentary "Worst In Show." 

Credit Bob Moffitt / Capital Public RadioSanta Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido (left), Los Angeles Mayor-elect Eric Garcetti, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson talk with reporters after meeting with Gov. Jerry Brown at the Capitol Wednesday.Edit | Remove

Topics included high-speed rail, pension reform, and the California Environmental Quality Act.

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Revisiting the Rules for Medical Marijuana

Jun 19, 2013

When Sonoma County supervisors unexpectedly considered sharp reductions in how much medical marijuana patients could legally possess, they re-ignited a debate that continues to simmer up and down the length of California. Bruce Robinson has an update on the issue in Sonoma County.

The GOP friendly California Chamber of Commerce is also urging Congress to act.

ALSO: Youth incarceration rates fall in California.

Environmentalists and State water contractors have sued for very different reasons.

ALSO: California classrooms implement a new way of teaching.

Teaching Permaculture

Jun 17, 2013
Kelly Ryan for KRCB

Practicing sustainability in small scale farming is a good start. But an even bigger impact can be had by teaching it. That’s what a new enterprise near Sebastopol is out to do.  Reporter Kelly Ryan takes a closer look.

Fracas in Lagunitas Creek

Jun 17, 2013

Homeowners and environmentalists in Marin are at odds over measures to protect endangered coho salmon. KRCB reports residents are worried about losing property rights, while some environmentalists say the proposed measures don't go far enough.  

The proposed stream conservation ordinance will be considered at the Marin County Supervisors meeting Tuesday, June 18. Access audio and video from supervisors meetings through the County of Marin's website.

Ben Adler / Capital Public Radio

Governor Brown has until the middle of next week to sign the budget and issue any line-item vetoes.

ALSO: CA Community Colleges Expand Summer Class Offerings.

Hosted by County Ranger Jeff Taylor, this week's focus is the development of the Tolay Lake Regional Park property.

Hear about a series of upcoming public hearings on how to develop the park, and a Father's Day Hike!

Environmentalists say the maneuver neglects polluted communities.

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Jack London, Sportswriter

Jun 13, 2013
Jack London Historical Society

The craft and cunning of competition, age versus youth, and “the allure of the game”—these were recurring themes in Jack London’s writing, especially when the subject was sports.

Only once, says Doc Stull, did London’s writing incorporate a scene that could be seen as a team competition—and seeing it that way is a bit of a stretch.

More new fuels can replace or blend with gasoline and diesel.

ALSO: California drops from the top five states with the highest foreclosure rates.

Climate Change at the South Pole

Jun 12, 2013
Sune Tamm

Melting ice at the North Pole gets more attention than conditions at the high altitude land mass on the opposite end of the Earth, but climate change is making itself felt there as well, though in some less obvious ways.

There are dramatic differences between the North and South poles, explains Sune Tamm. The North Pole lies at sea level and has no land beneath it, so it is comparatively accessible. By contrast, the South Pole stands high atop a remote but substantial continent.

Brown says it’s not just a balanced budget, but a step forward for the state.

ALSO: Budget includes some restored funding for dental care and mental health services.


Mapping Sudden Oak Death

Jun 11, 2013
Center for Invasive Species Research, UC Riverside

  First identified in Marin County nearly 20 years ago, Sudden Oak death is now epidemic in Northern California, especially in coastal forests, such as those near Jenner and Guerneville. Simply tracking the disease is a huge undertaking, so volunteers are being sought to help out in a mapping “blitz” on Saturday.

The annual SOD blitzes in Sonoma and Napa Counties are scheduled for Saturday, June 15, at the following locations:

Democrats are reluctantly accepting Brown’s lower revenue estimates.

ALSO: Democratic State Senator Ron Calderon returns to work.

Resources for Readers

Jun 10, 2013

These are hard times for book lovers. Both the Sonoma County Book Festival and the county’s Public Libraries need additional funding, and are calling for public support to meet those needs.

Greenberg’s mission is to make funding the libraries a higher priority for the county, and he questions whether some other spending choices have been carefully weighed. Such as the local war on drugs, for instance.

Lawmakers will discuss the issue once again this week.

ALSO: President Obama touts the Affordable Care Act in California.