Climbers For Peace Plan Iranian Expedition

Apr 24, 2017

Santa Rosa-based Climbers For Peace organizes and leads multi-national teams in bond-building ascents of major mountains. Their next trip will take them up the highest peak in the Middle East—assuming the government of Iran allows it.

Peace-maker Linda Sartor Honored

Oct 6, 2016
LInda Sartot

Santa Rosa resident Linda Sartor has traveled to many international hot spots, speaking out for peace, tolerance and understanding.  On Sunday, she was among the four new honorees added to Sebastopol’s Living Peace Wall.  Today, we revisit a 2012 interview in which she reports back on her then-recent visit to war-ravaged Afghanistan.

The Healing Power of Artful Temples

Aug 15, 2016
Brad Templeton

  Petaluma artist David Best began building temples almost by accident, first for Burning Man and now other places as well, as he seeks ways to expand their healing power into the world at large.

  In creating his temples, Sculptor David Best asserts that there is one quality he does not strive for.

Santa Rosa Orchestra Debuts New Works

Oct 8, 2015

Some modern classical music will be heard for the first time at the Green Music Center this weekend, as the Santa Rosa Symphony’s program includes a world premiere.

Composer Mohammed Fairouz is expected to be in attendance when his new piece is performed at the Green Music Center Saturday. Concert information can be found here. See the full BBC profile interview below.

50th Anniversary Anti-War Teach-Ins

Mar 25, 2015
Bruce Robinson, KRCB


  American involvement in Viet Nam was gearing up 50 years ago, and programs to recall that history are likewise increasing now. At Sonoma State yesterday, that included a series of “teach-ins” that reviewed some of the opposition to that war—and the others that have followed it.

  It was a matter of conscience for many young men to submit to the draft while also opposing it, recalls activist Lee Swenson. These non-violent actions, taken voluntarily by draftees who could have used other resources to avoid conscription, gave moral weight to their stance.

The Economics of Sustainability

Sep 30, 2014

   What would a truly sustainable economic system look and feel like? A four-day conference, sponsored by Sonoma’s Praxis Peace Institute, plans to explore that question in depth.

Marching for Peace, Sustainability and Justice

Sep 24, 2014

  When a crowd of artists and advocates for peace, sustainability and justice marches through downtown Santa Rosa on Saturday, they will not be alone. The local action is part of a worldwide day of similar events, all instigated by a group with Sonoma County roots—100 Thousand Poets for Change.

Behind the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

Sep 4, 2014

  The public rationale for Congressional authorization of America’s entry into the Viet Nam War has since been discredited as misleading or worse. But a local serviceman who was in the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964 says that even then, he saw classified documents that belied the official account.

While the motives surrounding the Aug.2, 1964 “incident” involving the two American destroyers in the Tonkin Gulf may never be fully known, there is no dispute that some sort of exchange took place. But as Fred Ptucha explains, the same cannot be said of what happened two days later.

Holding a Shared Vision of a Peaceful World

Aug 4, 2014


The biggest obstacle to peace in the world is fear, contends progressive Rabbi Michael Lerner. And that includes the fear that others may not share the desire to see that transformation take hold.

Rabbi Lerner will speak at 7 pm Friday at Shomrei Torah in Santa Rosa. His talk is open to all at no charge, but anyone planning to attend is asked to RSVP to the temple at 578-5519, by the end of the day Wednesday.

Opening the 2014 Season of Nonviolence

Jan 30, 2014


  It’s still midwinter, but the annual Season for Nonviolence is underway again. This 64-day period, observed all over the world, explains, teaches and promotes non-violent principles as tools for personal growth as well as international conflict resolution. Local observations begin tomorrow evening, as Bruce Robinson reports.

Charting a Path to Peace

Oct 31, 2013

  A straightforward pathway from the military-industrial complex to a peaceful future is outlined in a recent book by a former defense engineer from Marin County, titled, “Transition to Peace.”

  Former defense engineer Russell Faure-Brac notes that there is an important distinction to be made between non-violence and a more comprehensive state of peace.


Volunteers needed to carry "peace cranes"

Jul 2, 2013
Peace Novato

Each year in the Novato Fourth of July parade volunteers from PeaceNovato carry folded paper cranes in honor of the American service men and women who have died in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The practice draws on an Asian tradition, where paper cranes are symbols of good fortune and longevity. At the Children's Peace Monument in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park thousands of cranes memorialize young victims of the

North-South Art Projects

Mar 5, 2013
Sonoma County Museum Foundation

A just-concluded international partnership between high school art students from Santa Rosa and South Korea proved to be creative, educational, and inspirational. Bruce Robinson takes a closer look.

Below, the Korean students are seen with the Peace Tree they constructed from the wreckage of a warship, and adorned with living plants. It is on display at the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art in Gyeonggi-Do, Korea.