One Woman’s War on Plastic Litter

Sep 14, 2015
Heather Itzal

  Local parks are a popular place to escape the stress of urban life. But they’re not always free from urban problems… like litter. Litter in our parks and neighborhoods has become something of an obsession for one Marin county woman….and she’s on the quest to not only keep it at bay…but keep it out of the San Francisco Bay. Katie McMurran has the story.

Scouring the Seas for Plastic

Dec 18, 2014
Carolynn Box, Five Gyres

Carolynn Box is a Sonoma County native and 1996 Analy High School grad who has spent much of the past four years at sea, trawling the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans for plastic particles with the activist non-profit, Five Gyres. And finding them virtually everywhere.

 It has been suggested that specially outfitted ships could scoop up plastic particles from the gyres and recycle them. But having seen the scale of the problem first-hand, Carolynn Box is skeptical.

Banning Microbeads

Dec 4, 2014

  The California legislature came within a single vote, earlier this year, of passing a bill to prohibit the use of tiny plastic microbeads in cosmetic products sold in the state. Backers of the measure are vowing to try again next year. KRCB’s science reporter Danielle Venton examines why they are a problem.

Sonoma County's Plastic Ban Ban Begins

Aug 28, 2014

Single use plastic shopping bags will complete their disappearance from Sonoma County retailers on Monday. It’s been a gradual transition so many shoppers may not even notice a difference. But for those who do, here’s what to expect.

Henry Mikus, the Sonoma County Waste Management Agency’s Executive Director, says that the biggest benefits from the plastic bag ban are expected to be less trash, in the landfills and the environment, and somewhat decreased use of fossil fuels and release of greenhouse gases. But it is also being embraced by the retail business world.

Plastic Bag Fairs Help Businesses Adjust to Ban

May 14, 2014

As the new restrictions on the use of plastic bags by retailers are phasing in, the Sonoma County Waste Agency is hosting a series of three “Plastic Bag Fairs” for business owners this week. Here’s a look at what they’re about, and why.

The first of the Sonoma County Waste Agency's  three Bag Fairs was held yesterday in Cotati; there’s one today in Santa Rosa, and the third one will be in Windsor tomorrow.

Brook Haven Students Aim for Zero Waste

Apr 11, 2014

  All this week, students at a Sebastopol elementary school have been seeing how close they can get to generating zero waste. It’s part of a program sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, with a big emphasis on cutting down the use of plastics. We hear today from the teacher who’s been guiding that effort.

Although many other schools observed Zero Waste Week last month, the actions students are encouraged to take remain the same: