Recology Truck

In December, the waste management company Recology took over garbage collection from the Ratto Group in parts of the North Bay, affecting 55,000 residential and commercial customers.  Reporter Rhian Miller looks at how the switch is also a move to change the way we deal with trash.

CalRecycle Report Shows Dip In Statewide Recycling Rate In 2016

Aug 23, 2017

ALSO: Caltrans is worried about the possibility of dead trees falling onto some California highways. The agency has already removed 107,000 trees. Now the agency is getting ready to remove another 54,000 trees, including some on private land.

Today's reporting by Julia Mitric and Steve Milne.

Many Steps Needed to Move Toward Zero Waste

May 11, 2017

Recycling is up in California. So is composting. But we are still sending millions of tons of garbage to landfills. Various ways to cut that back were on the agenda at a Zero Waste Symposium at SoMo Village Thursday. 

Rethinking Single-stream Recycling

Dec 7, 2015
North Bay Corporation

  Expanded recycling programs, such as here in Sonoma County, have succeeded in cutting the waste stream going into the dump. But the economics behind them are not working out as expected. And that is leading to some reconsideration.

Long-time recycling advocate Mike Anderson, the current chair of the Sonoma County Solid Waste Management Task Force, contends that one factor in North Bay Corporation’s higher-than-permitted volume of “residuals” at their Standish Avenue sorting facility is the age of the equipment in use there.

Recycling on the Ropes

Dec 5, 2015

  The economics of recycling are driven by oil prices, environmental regulations, and consumer demand. But the results are being felt by local garbage haulers and their customers

   The economic factors that affect international markets vary from one material to the next, explains Eric Koenigshofer of North Bay Corporation. Purchase prices for both cardbord and plastics are down sharply, but for quite different reasons.

“Bug” Deakin’s Reclaimed Stories

Sep 5, 2014

  Michael “Bug” Deakin has made the recovery and reuse of old wood and other building materials into his life’s work.  That is now the source material for a lavishly illustrated book of his Reclaimed Stories.

  Heritage Salvage deals in more than just reclaimed lumber, but owner Bug Deakin freely admits that his first and greatest fondness is for old wood.

California's Recycling Goals Also Create Jobs

Mar 21, 2014

There are a lot of good reasons for recycling. But one that doesn’t come to mind right away is an economic impact. A new study suggests that boosting recycling also increases employment, and today we take a closer look at that connection.

Read more about this issue here.


Restaurants and caterers throw away tons of unused food scraps each day. A new project in Marin is working to keep that food out of the landfill and using it to create renewable, clean-burning bio gas. After nearly 5 years of negotiations and testing, it officially began operations yesterday. 

Organizers say the project, called the  Food-to-Energy (F2E) program, is the first of its kind: a partnership between a the private Marin Sanitary Service  and the public Central Marin Sanitation Agency.  

The surprising fate of compostable plastic

Nov 27, 2012

Where do compostable plastic forks and knives go to die? It’s not where you’d think. In past few years compostable plastics, synthesized from plants, have exploded on to the market. But are they are not as green as they seem. KRCB’s Danielle Venton reports.