San Francisco Bay

Word By Word: Conversations With Writers host Gil Mansergh’s June conversation is with two multi-talented Marin County novelists. First, Christie Nelson, and her latest historical novel, Beautiful Illusion: Treasure Island, 1939 a tale of a plucky female reporter, a dwarf anthropologist, and a Japanese diplomat and dangerous deceit at the Golden Gate International Exposition held in the middle of San Francisco Bay.

Abetting a Comeback for SF Bay’s Native Oysters

Feb 1, 2017

Once prolific in San Francisco Bay, but now scarce, Olympia oysters are getting some human help in building new reefs—and helping their benefactors, too.

Linda Hutner, Executive Director of The Wild Oyster Project in San Francisco, says this area is following in the footsteps of other like-minded efforts elsewhere.

Bottlenose Dolphins Now Frequenting the North Coast

Jan 6, 2017
Jackie Sones

Bottlenose dolphins have become increasingly frequent visitors along the north coast, as their range and numbers appear to be expanding.

The first bottlenose dolphin was spotted in San Francisco Bay more than 15 years ago, but Bill Keener of Golden Gate Cetacean Research it took them some time to begin venturing farther northward.

Ballot Measure Eyed for Wetlands Restoration

Jan 12, 2016
Save the Bay

  The price for restoring thousands of acres of wetlands around San Francisco Bay runs into many millions of dollars. But the costs of not doing that work could be even greater. 

Placing the proposed parcel tax on the ballot in June, not November, is a decision based on careful political consideration, explains Sam Schuchat, Executive Officer of the California Coastal Conservancy.

With a secure source for major funding, the trend toward larger wetland restoration projects could be continued and expanded, suggests Letitia Grenier, from the San Francisco Estuary Institute.

Wetlands as a Hedge Against Sea Level Rise

Jan 11, 2016
San Francisco Estuary Institute

  Human actions around San Francisco Bay have resulted in the loss of two-thirds of the wetlands that once existed there. Restoring some of those areas can help offset the impacts of sea level rise, but it’s a big, complex and expensive job. 

   The North Bay area can play a large part in future efforts to recreate extensive natural wetlands to help protect the greater Bay Area from rising sea levels, says Letitia Grenier from the San Francisco Estuary Institute.