Expanding Collaboration Between Disparate Arts

Jul 11, 2017

  Sonoma County sculptor Bruce Johnson is known for his massive redwood and metal structures. But he has also been central to some unexpected collaborations with artists from quite different fields. 

Sculptor Bruce Johnson’s name for his Poetry House provided a parallel for Elizabeth Herron’s long poem, The Poet’s House.  But she says the finished space was also rich in inspiration.

Choreographer Nancy Lyons says she and her colleagues in the SoCo Dance Theater also drew inspiration from Johnson’s work—in a very tactile way.

David Keaton

  The town of Sonoma will welcome the largest exhibition of public art in its history this summer. Metal sculptor Albert Paley will be represented by nine monumental yet fanciful artworks, installed in locations near the center of town. The exhibition is organized by the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art. Steve Mencher reports.


New Sculpture Garden Out to Make a Big Impression

May 7, 2015
Vi Bottaro

    The Wells Fargo Center for the Arts is installing a new sculpture garden, initially featuring works by local artist Bruce Johnson.

 Sculptor Bruce Johnson has been working primarily with large masses of redwood roots and hammered copper to create his distinctive works. While the size of these giant pieces may be one of the first things to catch a viewer’s attention, Johnson says it’s the textures within them that he finds most interesting.